Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Illustrat6rs: 6 Perspectives

Lora Innes, pencil drawing in progress, 2017
The Art Academy of Cincinnati is pleased to present Illustrators: 6 Perspectives, an exhibition featuring work by six area women illustrators:
Aiko Ikegami
Lora Innes
Tara King
Evelyn Pence
Ursula Roma
Carol Tyler

These artists exemplify the amazing talent within the significant community of professional illustrators in the Greater Cincinnati area; the work included here ranges stylistically from the technically rendered, to graphic abstraction, to representational figurative art, and genres include children’s books, medical, editorial, advertising, educational, adult narrative, cover art, and personal work.

This exhibition runs from February 9 to March 9, 2018, with a public reception on Final Friday, February 23, from 5–8pm.

About the artists:

—Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1966, Aiko Ikegami has loved painting and drawing since childhood. She studied under noted Japanese painter Kimie Tanaka, and went on to earn an Associate degree in childhood education from Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College. In 1993, she came to the U.S., where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at Arizona State University (1997), and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin (2003). After working as a biomedical researcher, she decided to pursue her dream of writing and illustrating books; her first children’s book, Friends, was published in 2016 and received a 2017 CCBC Choices Award. Her second book, Seed Man, will be published by Sleeping Bear Press in April 2018. Ikegami aims to create illustrations that provide a sense of comfort, whimsy, and dreamlike surreality. She lives and works in Ohio and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and the Ohio Art League.

—Comic book creator Lora Innes’s series The Dreamer examines America’s past through its present— quite literally. Since 2007, the webcomic has followed the adventures of a high school drama student named Bea Whaley who is transported back in time to 1776 every night when she falls asleep. Innes examines the Revolutionary War from the individual perspectives of the soldiers she writes about, including Nathan Hale, Dr. Joseph Warren, and Thomas Knowlton. She draws inspiration from primary sources as well as research into other American wars. The Dreamer connected her with the Nathan Hale School House, where she worked on a museum exhibit in the form of six oversized comic pages that brought to life the schoolmaster-turned-soldier’s time in New London. The Dreamer has been collected and published in three graphic novel volumes by IDW Publishing and received five nominations in the industry’s Harvey Awards. Innes also illustrated the Wynonna Earp comic book series that accompanied the release of the Syfy television show of the same name. She works primarily digitally when illustrating comic books, but uses cover art as an opportunity to return to her traditional roots. Innes graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2002.

—Tara Calahan King is an award-winning illustrator, muralist and designer. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where she received her BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1995. Recognized by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and the School Library Journal, she is noted for her endearing characters and odd perspectives. Her work can be found in children's books, pediatric brochures, greeting cards, magazines, stationary products, libraries, hospitals, and other places and products. From 2012–2014, King was commissioned to design, paint and renovate two Indiana Public Libraries, where she also designed and painted five large interactive sculptures for children. She is a frequent presenter at schools and libraries, promoting art, literacy, and creativity; for her work in children’s book illustration and her excellence in children’s programming, she was commended a Kentucky Colonel by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and State Representative Susan Westrom in 2010. King’s book Enemy Pie, written by Derek Munson, has become a Reading Rainbow feature book and was narrated by the Emmy award-winning actor Ed Harris. Her recent work includes illustrating the Books by the Banks 2017 poster art, creating imagery of Cincinnati landmarks for Poeme stationary company of Cincinnati, and developing and illustrating new children’s book characters.

—Evelyn Pence came to Cincinnati from the Chicago area for an education in business marketing at Xavier University. Shortly after graduating in 1991, Pence saw an article about medical illustration in National Geographic that introduced her to her eventual profession. With the assistance of professors of art and biology at Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University, and University of Cincinnati, she went back to school to put together the prerequisites and portfolio required for acceptance into the University of Michigan, then only one of six accredited medical and biological illustration programs in North America. She started her career in Ann Arbor as an adjunct lecturer in anatomical sketching and by working for researchers on projects ranging from MRI Angiography protocols to presentations for DARPA to books on plastic surgery. Later she moved to Washington DC to work as a medical animator for a newly-formed medical education website. She found her way back to the Cincinnati area in 2000, and took a job at the University of Cincinnati Geology Department as a graphic and web designer. Missing medical illustration, Pence launched her own medical illustration business in 2003. Since then she has specialized in the field of instructive science and health information. With 15 years’ experience in academic publishing, focusing on higher education and professional healthcare education, her work can be found throughout many leading college publications, websites, professional education materials, and scientific, medical and technical journals. Recently published work can be found in Exploring Psychology in Modules (10th edition) by David Myers and Nathan DeWall (McMilllan), cover art for Nature Microbiology April 2016, and Cell Stem Cell. Currently she is very happy to be working locally with Cincinnati branding agencies, law firms and medical device manufacturers.

—Ursula Roma is an artist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. She became an illustrator primarily to have a way to communicate her political views and those of her clients, and has spent the last 30 years as a freelance artist, trying to create a style that boldly and broadly communicates for social issues and causes. After earning a BFA in New York, she came to Cincinnati just as the AIDS epidemic was hitting the city and became very involved in helping to raise awareness about the disease and its causes—creating artwork for posters, brochures, and ultimately AIDS quilts dedicated to people that died. Committed to helping with social justice causes and political issues of our day, Roma has produced imagery regarding children’s health issues, prison populations, minority rights and issues of other displaced communities. She has created work for women’s health access groups, battered women’s shelters, Planned Parenthood, LGBT festivals, marches, and other events; her clients have included UC Center for Women’s Studies, Children’s Hospital, YWCA and many local women’s associations. In terms of process, Roma’s early work in clay and stained glass led not only to a desire to bring vibrant, boldly colorful expressions of emotion into her two-dimensional illustrations, but also to venture into three-dimensional and relief illustration. Her work continues to be informed by her experience with a variety of media and modes of working, including woodcut, scratchboard, cut paper, pen and ink, found-object sculpture, and digital processes.

—Carol Tyler is a master cartoonist and a pioneer of the “autobiographical” comics genre. Born in Chicago in 1951, she earned a BFA at Middle Tennessee State University (1978), and an MFA in Painting at Syracuse University (1983). She became interested in underground comics in the early 80s, had her first comic publication in Weirdo in 1987, and went on to become an influential figure in the world of underground comics, eventually publishing her first solo book, The Job Thing, in 1993. Tyler has been the recipient of numerous awards, such as the 2016 Cartoonist Studio Prize from Slate Book Review, and the Master Cartoonist Award from Cartoonist Crossroads Columbus. Her book Soldier’s Heart received eleven Eisner Award nominations in addition to two Harvey and two Ignatz Award nominations, was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and won an Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award. Other books include Fab4 Mania, and Late Bloomer. These days, Tyler teaches comics at the University of Cincinnati, and works out of her "Ink Farm” in northern Kentucky, which offers an annual summer camp experience for cartoonists.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Illustrators Lunch and Albrecht Durer February 7th

We will have lunch at Brew House at 11:30 and head over to the Cincinnati Art Museum between 1 and 1:30 to see the Durer Exhibit before it leaves the art museum on February 11th. Bring your sketchbooks!



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mark Willenbrink's Absolute Beginner classes

Interested in taking one of Mark Willenbrink's Absolute Beginner Classes? 

Sign up with Great Oaks under their personal enrichment classes. If you are interested in Drawing for the Absolute Beginner, we need at least 5 students for the class to run.

Watercolor-For the Absolute Beginner

Beginners learn color theory, values, and fun techniques. Students will complete artwork that will be suitable for framing.

Date(s): 2/1/2018 to 3/15/2018
Day/Times: Thursday 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Location: Scarlet Campus
Cost: $ 175.00
Hours: 21.00
Instructor: Instructor: Mark Willenbrink
Class ID: A18164
Seats Available: 9


Friday, December 15, 2017

Tim Langenderfer Art Demo at The Museum of Spiritual Art

Tim Langenderfer's St. Nicholas from last year

Tim Langenderfer will be painting a similar portrait of St. Nicholas (he painted the above in 2017) Sunday at the Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin Ohio.

He will start with a blank canvas at 11:00 am and will have a finished painting at about 4:00 pm. Everyone who attends the museum Sunday will have a chance to win the original art as a door prize! It is not necessary to be there for the drawing of a ticket at 5:00pm. They'll deliver or ship the art to the winner. Whether you are there for five minutes or five hours you'll have a chance to win the painting!

For those interested, Tim will be discussing the drawing process and some painting techniques such as wiping out, "tile painting", form rendering etc. while he demos.

The museum is located at 318 S. River St. Franklin Ohio.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Excellent Gifts From Local Illustrators Part Duex

Robin Ewers Carnes

Red Panda in Snow by Robin Ewers Carnes

2018 Cincinnati Icon Calendar, Cincinnati Watercolor Landscapes by Robin Ewers Carnes

Robin Ewers Carnes has a variety of prints, cards and original art in her Etsy shop including this gorgeous Cincinnati calendar. https://www.etsy.com/shop/rewersdesigns?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Marion Corbin Mayer 

Marion Corbin Mayer has this lovely Fiona totebag for sale.


Jerry Dowling

Jerry Dowling's amazing collection of caricatures and portraits he has done over the years of county and Grand Ole Opry stars is still available!

Order it here:


Email Jerry's for payment options: fstopjd@fuse.net

Sara Caswell-Pearce

Sara Caswell-Pearce has a limited edition, 9 color silkscreen "Cincinnati Brain" print 18"x24. Available at Indigenous, Wooden Hill, in the gallery at Brazee Street Studios, and in Sara's studio at Brazee for $65.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Excellent Holiday Gifts from Local Illustrators!

Daryll Collins:

Daryll Collins is selling this awesome book through PayPal account through daryll@daryllcollins.com and pay wit5h PayPal. 

Daryll says: "Also, I will draw an elf, reindeer or Santa on the inside cover and personalize each book."
Kevin Necessary:

There are several books out this holiday about Fiona, this is the only fully illustrated one by Kevin Necessary.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has a sassy, happy baby hippo now. But it wasn’t always that way. Little Fiona was born six weeks too early, and there were times that all the people who love her weren’t sure she could survive. But with round-the-clock care at the zoo and help from others in the community, little Fiona not only survived — she thrived. Narrated by Fiona’s best friend, Trixie the Tilapia, this book tells the story of the little hippo who never gave up and how she became the superstar she is today.


Mark and Mary Willenbrink:

Mark and Mary Willenbrink have an excellent new book out this year on perspective drawing. You can get copies of any of their books about drawing and painting here.


Tim Fuller:

Check out Tim Fuller's latest issue of Cap'n Catnip written by Craig Boldman with additional art by Daryll Collins. You can also see Tim's full line of comics here:

Vanessa Sorensen:

Vanessa Sorensen has a children's joke book out.

Why was the chimpanzee crying?
What kind of fish likes peanut butter?
Where do cows go on a rainy day?

Join the fun and find the answers to these questions inside this illustrated joke book for young readers. Plus learn fascinating facts about each animal featured in our "Did You Know?" section!


Jason Bessler:

Jason Bessler's The Witch's Mess is a full color fantasy picture book that is written in rhyme and appeals to children ages three and up! The Witch’s Mess has a compelling plot, a gripping dilemma, relatable characters, and valuable lessons for children. On the surface, the book may give a child the incentive to clean up after themselves, but more important are the underlying lessons about relationships, compromise, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness. The lessons are accessible, but not preached.


Kathleen Streitenberger:

About a rescue dog who loses puppy teeth and the special tooth fairy who guards the bond of unconditional love between a dog and his family with a reminder to share love and joy yourself.  ...


When young Alice and her kindly old neighbor, Mr. Fredricks (who always reminds Alice of Santa Claus), accidentally collide in the hall of their apartment building, his glasses fall off — and that’s when the magic begins!  Alice puts on the glasses out of curiosity and is enchanted to see what Mr. Fredricks sees: the love and light in others.

Join Alice and Mr. Fredricks on a magical journey down Main Street, and let Mr. Fredricks show how kindness towards others makes a difference in us all. You won’t want to miss what Alice adds to her Christmas wish list after this special day!


Amanda Appiarius:

Enjoy the wonderful story of how twin sisters started the non-profit, Bake Me Home. Beautifully illustrated by Amanda Appiarius, this book will inspire you and your whole family!  All proceeds go to Bake Me Home.

William Grapes

Dracula never died in Europe. His remains lie deep in the belly of Erebus, a ship ready to depart an English port. No one can explain the disappearance of sailors as they arrive in New York, a brave new world governed by anonymity. Soon word of the Vampire legend spreads and reaches England, where the fellowship of hunters gets to hear of it. And the hunt resumes.


Christina Wald

 A recent NSTA Ouststanding Science Trade Book! 

How much does an elephant weigh? How do you know? How would you know if you didn’t have a modern scale? Six-year-old Cao Chong, the most famous child prodigy in Chinese history, faced just this problem! Chong watches as the prime minister’s most trusted and learned advisors debate different methods. The principle of buoyancy and a little bit of creative thinking help this boy come up with a solution. 


Mariana is a third grader living in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the northern fringe of the Chihuahuan Desert. One day her class visits Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park to hike to the top of an extinct volcano and see the plant and animal life that is special to this desert. 
From country music singer/writer Buck Buchanan comes this Western adventure!
Seven-year-old ranch girl Denni-Jo (she’s almost eight!) gets permission from her mom to ride her pony, Pinto, solo across the ranch to visit her grandparents. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, and along the way they get scared by a rattlesnake, see a runaway jackrabbit, and even find a calf stuck in a mud hole. Can Denni-Jo’s riding and roping skills save the calf before worried Momma Cow closes in?


Annual Illustrators Christmas Party

Our annual Illustrators Christmas Party is December 16th at Brew House starting at 7PM. Please PSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/151712238773869/

Bring your work from this year to share!

From last year's party!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Gallery Opening - Everwhere: Art inspired by Neil Gaiman

Art by David Michael Beck Design by Tim Fuller
Know Theatre is proud to present an art gallery show in our Underground Lobby & Bar called "Everwhere: Art Inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman!"

Join us for the gallery opening and reception on November 9 from 5 - 8 PM, with light hors d'oeuvres by Chef Jan of Water Tower Champagne, Fine Wines and Tasting Room and cash bar in the Know Theatre Underground!

Suggested donation at the door for gallery opening - $5.

Following the gallery opening, "Everwhere" will be open to the public on Know Theatre show nights from November 25 - December 17.

"Everwhere" explores the resonance and relevance of Neil Gaiman's body of work, how it influences our popular culture, and how it continues to inspire new readers and dreamers each day.

Featuring art by:
David Michael Beck
David Mack
Tim Fuller
Amy Bogard
Sarah Rocheleau
Christina Wald
Jaimie Filer
Thomas O Miller
Danny Duford
David Hartz
William Grapes
Jeb Brack
and the Art Academy of Cincinnati Sophomore and Junior Illustration students.

The "Everwhere" gallery is presented in conjunction with Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, Know's imaginative stage adaptation of Gaiman's most famous novel, which runs on the Know MainStage from November 25 - December 17.

Bod by Amy Bogard
Odin by Thomas O. Miller

Crowley and Aziraphale in St. James' Park by Christina Wald

Death by Tim Fuller

Sunday, November 5, 2017

C. F. Payne Documentary Screening

C.F. Payne 1min Trailer from Tony Moorman on Vimeo.

What? Cincinnati Screening of C.F. Payne: An American Illustrator!!! Q&A with C.F. Payne and filmmakers Tony Moorman and Woodrow J Hinton to follow the film.

When? Saturday November 11 @ 1pm!!!

Where? KENWOOD THEATRE 7815 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236


Monday, October 23, 2017

Books by the Banks 2017

Tara Calahan King's 2017 Poster
2017 Books by the Banks is Saturday Oct 28th from 10am until 4pm. There are many illustrators there this year!

Mark and Mary Willenbrink, Jeffrey Ebbeler, Tara Calahan King, Will Hillenbrand, Loren Long, Kathleen Streitenberger, Sarah Jones, Adam Watkins, Christina Wald, Dylan Speeg, Leah Busch, and many others.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Apprentice/Intern/Artist positions

Hey everyone....it's that time of year again for us(besides Halloween...lol)...We lost one of our long time artists over the summer after she graduated from DAAP and moved to LA with a brand spanking new Job and we are losing availability of one of our Art Academy students to Co-op..... So....

Anything Airbrushed plus is looking for Apprentice/Artists to work at our Tri-County Mall studio location This job is all about doing ART all day, everyday(don’t just think t-shirts) This is a good job opportunity for art students or part-time artists looking for extra work. It is very flexible, which works well for High School or College students and is an opportunity for artists to learn a new medium as well as actually make money using their talents.

If anyone knows any art students or part-time artists that you think might be interested please let them know.

Thanks so much....keep on creating!

Monday, October 9, 2017

C.F. Payne Documentary

Teaser Trailer for "C.F. Payne: An American Illustrator" from Tony Moorman on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Tony Moorman did an amazing documentary about the work and career of C. F. Payne.

It will be available to stream October 13 for $4.99

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/cfpayneamericanillustrator/

Artists on Payne from Tony Moorman on Vimeo.