Friday, November 29, 2013

Free blank comic pages

I have somewhere around 40-50 BlueLine brand comic book boards if anyone wants them. They're still in the original bags. Most are Pro Series 3 ply. Some are Smooth 300 Series Strathmore. Free if you want to pick them up from my porch in Fort Mitchell, KY.

Shoot me a note at if you're interested!

Krampus Arts Market and Music Fest

301 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
November 30th at 8PM

Upstairs will be converted into a pop up art market for the night with both local and national artists selling original pieces of artwork and prints directly to you. This is the perfect holiday event for your hard to shop for relatives and for picking up stocking stuffers.


* Anthony "TANK" Mansfield
* Jaimie "As You Wish..." Filer
* Christina Wald
* John Sebastian
* Snotty RLE
* Aaron Lambert Art
* Kevin O'Neil
* Justin Stewart
* Lauren Shears
* Jason Erler
* Dylan Speeg
* Mike Maydak
* Bret Crutchfield

But thats not all, KRAMPUS will also play host to THE ART OF WAR III: Day of the Return of the Jedi King! Watch as 8 artists compete in an tournament that is one part freestyle rap battle and one part Pictionary. Artists have 5 minutes to draw topics that are suggested by you the crowd and winner of the round is decided by you as well.

One top of all this Mainstay has a fully stocked bar on each floor so that you can drink while you shop, except unlike when your grandmother drinks vodka out of a Diet Sprite bottle at the Kenwood Mall you won't have to hide it. 

More info 

Krampu loves what he does!

Illustrator News: Cincinnati International Art Fair

The Busker by Marlene Steele
Marlene Steele, Tom Post, Gil Born, Bruce Erikson and many other will be exhibiting at the Cincinnati International Art Fair.

10 -6 

1624 Herald Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45207 Free Parking



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Travel Sketch Journal Workshop -TAOS, NM!

Sketch artist Amy Bogard will be presenting the fourth annual 'Illuminated Travel Journal' workshop next June in Taos, New Mexico.  Registration is open now and there is a $200 discount on registrations received before December 15.  For more information, visit Amy's blog!  This workshop is a fun opportunity for beginning sketch artists to learn some tips and tricks, and for more seasoned drawers to be inspired by the beauty of New Mexico.  Here is a video with some of Amy's sketch work, along with images of Taos!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Illustrator News: Wordsworth and the Dragon is available on Amazon!

Finally! Wordsworth and the Dragon is available on Amazon!

We are preparing the materials to send out to the people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign! Thanks SO MUCH everyone!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Illustrators Lunch This Week at Habits

Photos by Jerry Dowling
Massive lunch this week at Habit's since veteran lunch illustrators Jay Baur and Craig McKay were in town from Atlanta. There was even a rare sighting of Jerry (Unusual for lunch at Habit's)

See the more of Jerry's photos of the lunch at his blog:

Illustrator News: Loren Long and Jon Agee at Joseph Beth

From the event page: "Join two of our very favorite children's book creators as they bring us two new Christmas classics - Little Santa & An Otis Christmas!

Little Santa - A resident of the North Pole with the ability to slide up and down chimneys meets a flying reindeer and some industrious elves, in this fictional biography of Santa Claus.

An Otis Christmas - On Christmas Eve at the farm, a horse faces complications while delivering her foal and Otis the tractor must race through snowy, treacherous woods to bring back Doc Baker before it is too late."

Friday November 15th at 6pm

2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208-1321

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grand Opening of the Cartoon Museum in Columbus this Weekend

From the article, AP photo by Tony Dejak
This is totally worth the road trip! It also is designed to coincide with The Festival of Cartoon Art, held every three years.

 From the AP article:

"The museum has originals from everyone from Richard Outcault — whose "Yellow Kid" in a 19th century comic strip spawned the term "yellow journalism" — to Charles Schulz ("Peanuts"), classic "Pogo" story lines from Walt Kelly, Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury," Chester Gould's "Dick Tracy," early "Blondie" strips from Chic Young and the entire collection of Jeff Smith, an Ohio State graduate who created the hugely popular "Bone" series of comic books.

It's all been moved to a new 30,000-square-foot home in a high-profile corridor of the sprawling Columbus campus, into a space renamed for Ireland, the former editorial cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch who was one of the pioneers of the art form. His family donated a big chunk of money for the project."

More here:

If You Go:

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum:

Ohio State University
Sullivant Hall
1813 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio

Hours: Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 16-17) 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Then Tuesday through Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Monday.

Opening exhibits include "Treasures from the Collection" and "Substance and Shadow: The Art of the Cartoon"

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I am posting this link because we have all had this experience.

Bassically this illustrator received an email from a Creative Director asking him to do work for one of his multimillion dollar clients for free, claiming he would win awards and all kinds of "exposure".

 We have all received notes like this and I find it shocking that so many people even in creative fields think that what we do is easy and should be done for no compensation.

I had a high circulation magazine ask for some of my art for its cover for no pay and their email actually asked me to send a hi-res image! (Several times!!!) When I said absolutely not they tried to position it as a "free advertising opportunity". The periodical had no art connection, but even if it did.

And I have heard from agencies asking for free work...

I think at best those who do this are ignorant of the amount of work and perseverance it takes to run your business as an illustrator/designer/creative. At worse, it is a cynical practice to take advantage of those who do not know better.

What are your horror stories?


Friday, November 1, 2013

Boston Public Library Posts Scans of Robert McCloskey Sketches

The Boston Public Library has posted some of Caldecott winner Robert McCloskey's sketches on Flickr.

From the site: "Robert McCloskey was the writer and illustrator of such classic children’s books as "Blueberries for Sal," "One Morning in Maine," and "Homer Price." McCloskey twice won the Caldecott Medal, the American Library Association’s annual award of distinction for children’s book illustration. He received his first Caldecott Medal for "Make Way for Ducklings" (1941), his beloved tale of a mallard duck family’s journey along busy Boston streets in their quest to reach a new home in the Public Garden.

In the 1960s, Robert McCloskey presented the BPL with four sketchbooks containing preliminary drawings for "Make Way for Ducklings." With the artist’s permission, selected drawings have been taken from the sketchbooks and matted."

Some Great Recent Podcasts

The Podcast Your Dreams, My Nightmares had a couple really good recent interviews:

Donato Giancola

Greg Manchess

I just saw Greg's show at the Society of Illustrators when in NYC last week. Great show! I had never seen his paintings in person. Sadly, the show's last day was October 26th.

Illustrator News: Amy Bogard

UC Alumni Art Show
at the UC Blue Ash Gallery
 BA Annex, 4131 Cooper Rd, Blue Ash OH 45236
November 1st, 2013
From 5:00 to 8:00pm
Please RSVP if you can 
call Debbie Miller at (513) 936-1573
or Bruno Zabaglio at (513) 919-0205
or on line at: