Thursday, September 26, 2013

Children's Book Illustration Art Show!

Join us for the opening of the Children's Book Illustration Art Show at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center in The Westheimer Gallery on Friday October 4th from 6-8pm

Viki Woodworth, Tammie Lyon, Christina Wald, Jeffrey Ebbeler and Vanessa Sorensen will be displaying their illustrations that have been used in children’s books.

The show will be up until October 27th and each weekend there will be special events with the illustrators, including live drawings, crafts, story times, mazes and more!

RSVP on the Facebook event page:

Come and bring your kids to our special events each Saturday at the gallery!

October 5th, 11 am: Tammie Lyon and Jeffrey Ebbeler will do a Live Drawing and Painting event, plus story-time!

October 12th, 11 am: Christina Wald will do a Live Drawing and Storytime event!

October 19th, 11 am: Viki Woodworth and Vanessa Sorensen will do a Jokes, Mazes and Storytime event!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hell is Self-Promotion

Many of us can relate to this article: "Hell is Self-Promotion.". Having dedicated our lives to learning the craft of art, in 2013, we are now expected to be natural marketers.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Job: make sidewalk chalk art in Clifton

Clifton Fest and the ArtCarpet group want to pay $150 for a 4' x 5 1/2' sidewalk chalk drawing, to be done this Saturday, Sept. 28 and / or Sunday, Sept. 29.

  • Subject: your choice — anything family friendly. 
  • Location: in front of the Esquire Theatre.
  • Time: flexible.
  • Sponsor: a local travel agency.
This could be a job for one of our members, or for a dependable, talented student. It is not required to work both days, but the piece must be finished by the end of Sunday.

For details, contact me at (or by leaving a message on this blog). 

If no one has responded by Thursday, the sidewalk space will remain empty. Boo!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ssh: Migraines Get Cartoons

This sketchbook drawing became a poster for a migraine sufferer, who needs her office companions to know that when her door is closed and the sign is up, please be quiet.

He's nicknamed Migraine Monkey, but being a gorilla, well...I claim artistic license.

Friday, September 13, 2013

This Week's Lunch Email

This week's lunch email bounced from Zoomtown/Fuse addresses.

If you did not get it, send me an email and I will resend Monday.

The Art of War Comic Expo After Party


What: Ghost Empire Collective Presents The Cincinnati Comic Expo After Party: The Art of War II
Where: Mainstay Rock Bar (2nd Floor Betty Bar), 301 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, Oh 45202
When: Saturday, September 14th 9 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Price: Free
Contact: Anthony “Tank” Mansfield,

Event Information Online: Facebook:

Cincinnati, Ohio- The Ghost Empire Collective, a group of artists from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, will play host of the Cincinnati Comic Expo for the second year in a row. The event will return to the Mainstay Rock Bar’s “Betty Bar” located on the second floor of the establishment. With it’s fully stocked bar, retro d├ęcor, and hand painted pin up murals, it’s the perfect setting for artists and comic fans to unwind after a big day of walking the halls of the Convention Center.

To celebrate CCE and the fantastic artists that come in from around the nation for the event, Ghost Empire will stage their second “Art of War” tournament. The Art of War is an artistic competition that pits contestants against each other in a series of quick draw competitions. At the beginning of the night artists can sign up for free to take part in the competition and anyone is welcome to submit a topic to draw into a bucket. Once the tournament starts the event MC will pull a random idea out of the bucket that the contestants have never seen and will have between 5 to 10 minutes to draw it. Last year’s suggested ideas included “Cougars in Over the Rhine” and “Zombie Bear Cannon”. At the end of the time period the crowd will pick by applause, who advances and who goes home. There can only be 1 winner at the end of the night that can take home cash, prizes, and the title of being the grand champion of “The Art of War”.

“The first Art of War was by far our most entertaining event last year and the CCE after party last year had the most talent in terms of artists performing live art, so we are taking the 2 things we do best and turning them into one colossal night” states GEC found Anthony “Tank” Mansfield. “It’s a true pressure cooker for any artist, as you literally have no idea what you are about to draw when you step foot on stage in front of a room full of people; its like improv comedy meets karaoke meets a sports competition.” Admission is free and prints and the original pieces of art from the Art of War tournament will be for sale.

Photo album of last year’s Art of War and Cincinnati Comic Expo Afterparty:

Trip to South Africa Lead by Linda Bittner

Linda Bittner is leading an incredible trip to South Africa in February. Looks like an amazing opportunity to sketch and photograph amazing landscape and animals.

Contact her for the full brochure.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marlene Steele: 5th Street Gallery Show

Marlene Steele has a show at the 5th Street Gallery opening Friday the 13th called The Figure... 2 Perspectives.

Looks like a great show also featuring sculptures by Eileen Bishop.

The opening is from 6-9

55 West 5th Street 
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2801

Additional Fall Classes: Marlene Steele

Fall Art Classes:
Art Academy of Cincinnati:   513-562-8748 
Drawing Dynamics Wed. evenings   6:30-9:00PM  Beginning Sept 25th  Gesture and Figure drawing
Explore Urban Sketching and Painting    Sat. 12:30- 3:00PM
Calligraphy Foundations: UNCIAL!   Beginning Sept 21  9:30AM - 12 noon

Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center  859-431-0020
Watercolor Painting  Tues. 6:30-8:30 PM  Beginner and intermediate
Pastels  Thurs. 1PM- 3:00PM   Beginnner and intermediate

Evendale Cultural Art Center
Calligraphy-- Italic   Monday eves  7:00 PM- 9:00 PM   Beginning Sept 9
Beginner and intermediate
Looks like some great classes and Marlene is a master!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Books By the Banks Poster Unveiling: Release the Kraken!

Jeffery Ebbeler shows off his wonderful poster
The full art and tentacles
Last night was the Books By the Banks poster unveiling at Joseph Beth (also a favorite illustrators lunch spot). We love that the library commissions an illustration each year for the festival!

This year is a great one.I love the idea of a kraken in the Ohio River.

The actual festival is October 12th. So put it on your calendar. It is a great place to get signed books!

Some of the previous illustrators...

Illustrator News: David Michael Beck Talks at the Art Academy

See David Michael Beck talk Tuesday at 11:30 in the Art Academy lecture hall.

Cargill Looking For an Illustrator

Hey folks -

My wife's cousin asked if I knew any Cincinnati-based illustrators for a project her company needs completed.

The Dayton-area firm Cargill is looking for a local illustrator to create a mural.

Here are the details, if you're interested:

  • They want to create a mural with about 10-30 drawings.
  • The finished mural is to be 12' by 5'.
  • Their budget (initially, but this can be negotiated), is $50/hour.
  • To be completed by 9/30/13 (a tight schedule, I know!).

For questions, or if you're interested, contact Diana Schaefer at Cargill:
(937) 237-1272

Classes This Fall: Maurice Mattei

Maurice Mattei is offering his Drawing Class again this fall at Baker Hunt Arts Center in Covington, KY.

This time, there are two separate 8 week sessions.

One will be on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 until noon and the other will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30. Subjects covered: Perspective, Composition, Anatomy, and general drawing techniques.  

You can register by calling Baker Hunt at 859.431.0020 (ask for Teresa or Rosemary - they're very nice!) or on-line at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stories: Collaboration

The AAC’s Community Education program has allowed me to propose a class this fall that I have wanted to try for a while now. It is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, artistic endeavors and skill levels. I want painters, writers, photographers, illustrators, amateurs and professionals who love to make. The goal of this 8-week workshop is to collaborate to create a digital tapestry of different stories from our community.

Instead of teaching this class I will serve as an advisor explaining the programs we will be using to get our stories online and recommending other resource materials. You will need no experience at all with computers to take part. I will facilitate the actual importing and uploading the images so you can focus on making your art the best it can be. There are only a few restriction requests I have for the stories. First that it is honest! Second, that you try and tell the whole story in 8 pages, and that definition is open to debate since there will be no actual pages. Finally, I ask that the art and story be created during this workshop period and not an old reused story.

The way you visually tell the story is completely up to you. There are no rules that define how you are to tell your story. Can it be just words? Yes. Can I use photographs? Yes. Can it be digital or traditional paint? Yes. Sculpture, screen-printing, origami, scratchboard, readymade assemblage, as long as we can photograph it and get it into a 2D picture plane, yes! Can I collaborate with another artist on my story? Yes. I want us to push the boundaries of what we imagine a story will look like in the new digital age.

When complete our stories will be collected into a larger collaborative narrative. I will upload them to create a digital canvass where they will live and intersect with one another. Once up they can be read and shared by anyone freely.

This is your opportunity to develop that story you have always been talking about; that piece of art you want to make for yourself. I believe that people matter, each of us! Our stories explain to each other why. They help us connect in the most basic human way and teach us to better understand ourselves. If we took a little more time to do this, we would find the world a much better place. Whatever drives you, I want you to come share your stories and help make something amazing together.

The Details:

We will meet downtown on Saturday afternoons this fall at the Art Academy of Cincinnati from 1pm - 4pm September 21st through November 16th.
The fee for the 8 weeks course, use of computers and faculties is $155
and $25 if you are an enrolled AAC student. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Illustrator News: Posters as Announcements and History Show by Sam Ashworth and John Maggard

John Maggard and Sam Ashworth have a show opening this Sunday, September 8th from 2 until 5 at the Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester.

"Leading creators of community and regional event posters for decades, Maggard and Ashworth have created an impressive body of work that catches the eye, and now has become an artistic record of the history of civic and cultural events of our communities."

More about the event:

 7847 VOA Park Dr. Westchester, OH 45069