Monday, November 2, 2015

STUDIO SPACE: Dennis Porter

Quick Sketch Caricatures is the focus for Dennis Porter. He has drawn well
over 250,000 faces at thousands of parties, trade shows and other
functions in more than thirty-five years in the caricature business.
His drawings have appeared on television, in newspapers, books and
magazines. Porter has been interviewed on every television station in the
Dayton area and featured in Dayton Daily News and other newspapers and

Along the way he has been a newspaper editor, reporter and columnist and
hosted local television shows focusing on children and the arts. Porter credits wife Diane Butler with the success of their business. Diane was a nurse and realtor in previous professions.

Location: Dayton, Ohio
On the Drawing Table: Wacked out employee drawings for Cleveland, Ohio client
Coming out soon: Live performance as The Grim Reaper at a birthday event, no drawing

How did you get your start as a professional artist?
Was invited to draw one night a week in a tough little bar; they paid me and framed the drawings
for their walls. Did that for a year, did my first party after a newspaper feature on my bar
sketching along the way, then moved into drawing in shopping malls.

Describe your work.
Live quick sketches and caricatures from photos.
Typical two minute drawing...

This was a PROPOSAL, to be presented during the couple's visit to Niagara Falls if memory
serves. Or not! Ha! Anyway they loved it. It was commissioned by the sister of the bride to be...

Tell about your workspace. 
It’s messy. Nice big bookcases all over, stuffed with drawings and books... Homemade drawing
table from 1975, my design of course.

What are your favorite materials digital and traditional?
Pen and ink. Gouache. Watercolor pencil. Watercolor markers, whatever is handy...

What’s your typical workday/work session like?
Chaos and crisis

What do you do to keep yourself motivated as you work?
I have the lady at my house who takes care of that...

What is your dream job?

Inventing, licensing, being a big deal on Shark Tank. Ha!
And drawing at parties of course...

Do you keep a sketchbook?
Live sketching here and there, give those away...

What do you listen to while you work?

My wife, usually...

What are you reading/listening to on Audible?
I have my stereo from 1970, listen to that...

Who are your artistic influences?
Mort Drucker, Hirschfeld, Bill Utterback...

What do you do that is not art related that inspires you?

Read about the Law of Attraction. Fascinating...

What was the best advice you got in your career so far?
My wife: Believe in yourself.

What is your favorite color?

How can we get best follow your art online/on social media?
The blog on

The amazing caricature caravan!

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