Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Philosophical Baby

In September, I created my first editorial illustration since the mid-eighties. The subject matter was irresistible: babies, science, humor.
Here are the two concepts I submitted:

There's a bit more info here.


  1. The look on the baby's face is priceless!

    Thanks for the most excellent post!

  2. Awesome illustration, Chuck! Great concept and sketches, too.

  3. Chuck,
    That is great, very nice solution. It is wonderful to see the concept drawings and development, through the stages, to the final image.
    Excellent final piece of art - the old light through the ears gag with a new twist - sweet!
    You must watch and retain alot of what is seen in classic animated cartoons.

  4. Thanks, guys!
    Yeah, David, it's definitely a twist on a time-honored cliche from Hollywood's golden age —it just seemed to suit the subject matter the best. I tried to stack other bits of humor onto it, like the stretching of the ear and (like Christina pointed out) the attitudes of the characters. This stuff is fun to do.

  5. hey the baby has my name!

  6. Darcy, yes she does! I'm glad you noticed, because the name did come from you. Not for any particular reason though; it just sounded short and contemporary —and funny when paired with Aristotle.
    It's a great name.