Tuesday, April 12, 2011

David Hartz feature

Well lookie what I found- there is an article about David Hartz in the April Issue of the University of Cincinnati Magazine, and the article is online too. It's about his fire sculpting and the World Fire Sculpture Competition! There is even a video of the competition!

Super cool way to go David!


  1. wow - amazing and awesome media! David, are those pieces typically fabricated on-site or sent over partially assembled? Must take a lot of time to set up properly...really impressive.

  2. The theme of the magazine should have been about sculpture on fire.

    In addition to the wonderful article about David, There's a great feature about Tom Tsuchiya, the local sculptor who has been commissioned to create the replacement for the ill-fated King of Kings/Touchdown Jesus statue.

    It occurred to me that there are some artistic disciplines where happy accidents are not so happy.

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  4. John,
    The sculptures are all created totally on site. Each three man team is given the exact same materials and the exact same amount of time to build their sculpture. They list the materials ahead of time but when we get there the materials are never exactly the same as the as the materials we can get here. For example they list two types of wire - one heavy and one thin. We worked with baling wire as our thick wire and when we got there we were given cable as our thick wire and floral wire as our thin wire. The wood was of a slightly larger dimension as well.
    So everyone just has to make do and work with what is provided. That is how they consider it a fair competition - everyone gets the same materials and same amount of time to create it.

  5. That sounds awesome, Dave. It'd be cool to see one of these, some time, in person.