Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleeping Bear

Since I can't show a lot of my recent commercial work, I thought I'd post the latest shirt design for my cousin's Boy Scout Troop. They're camping at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.

Here's the composite sketch before going to final:

..and an unused warm-up sketch:

I left more sketches and a bit of added information here.


  1. Love the sketches. The finished art is of course beautiful, but I always find the wabi-sabi of sketches so much more endearing and fun. Beautiful lines as always, and I love the expressions on the fish!

  2. I wish I had had camp t shirts that cool!

    I have to do a t shirt design this weekend for my aunt's 80 birthday party. This is good inspiration (even though it is an Asian theme).

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Nick, I invariably like sketches better than final art. (One of the reasons why I like artists' blogs so much.) Unfortunately, it has to meet certain demands for printing.

    Christina, It'll be awesome....In fact, I should prod the scouts to take their next camping trip in Hong Kong.

  4. the scouts don't know how great this is...great expressions and I love seeing the sketchwork also!

  5. Thanks, John! I went through a few trials on the boy in the bow. He started out perturbed, and I thought it worked better to have him "just catching on".

    My uncle, who's one of the scout leaders confessed that even though the kids really like the shirts, the adults are totally amazed by them. That's always nice to hear.

    BTW, John, my number one reason for posting this was to coax you into posting some classic t-shirt designs of yours! I think I've mentioned it before —My brothers and I were huge fans of your sartorial embellishments long before I met you in person!

  6. Yes please John! Post some of your t-shirt designs!