Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New website and blog

 I have just finished putting up my new website and blog. It is called
Please check it out and let me know what you all think. I have a lot of different galleries and a lot of different work up there.

I will post to my blog about every week so look for updates there. Here is the link:

David Hartz


  1. Looks great, Dave! On the "other" page, if you click on the arrow, you just get the font repeated. If it's the only thing you have there, maybe the arrow shouldn't be there? But, if you're about to add more, then scratch that.

  2. Thank you Christina - I appreciate it.

    Vicky, I am aware of that. It is a gallery and will eventually put more items in it. I designed it so I can grow into it and swap out images easily. To get rid of the arrow - I would need to get rid of the gallery. I could get rid of it but do not want to. Thanks for the observation.

  3. Congratulations. I really like Bird Print ,which I've never seen before. The site has a good, clean feel to it, and I look forward to you filling it up with work.

    A observation: I looked at the site on the new hi-res iPad, and because of the higher resolution, there's a slight fuzziness to all the text that you uploaded as images. It's slightly noticeable on your Header & on the "Howdy folks" test of the Welcome page, a little more pronounced on the first page of About, and very bad on the Articles page.

    This is something I'm sure I'll have to address on my own websites as well.

  4. Brian,
    That is the first I have heard of that. I am using approximately 720 pixels wide artboards at 72 dpi. Do you know the standard for hi-rez iPads?