Monday, September 3, 2012

Print-on-Demand Books: Huge Price Drop?

I am considering printing a book featuring the best of my one-panel "Pen Grenades" comics, and this article caught my eye. It's from Publishers Weekly on the subject of more affordable print-on-demand books.

The company is Ingram, and their P.O.D. branch is called Lightning Source.

I haven't heard much about the print quality, except one customer who believes that the difference between their "normal" and "premium" printing is the paper weight: 50 lb vs. 70 lb.


  1. That is really cool! Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to see what the publishing business model morphs into.

  2. The two POD printers I use, ComiXpress and KaBlam, are geared up to produce mainly comic books, graphic novels and related materials. Both sites have a feature that lets you program in your book information, size, page count, color, etc. and it gives you a per book quote on the spot. That's handy in figuring out how to structure a book. The downside to both is the turn around time. They both require a month production. And, in my opinion, both would benefit form some improved communication and customer service. That said, I've found the prices to be very affordable.