Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Art Academy Classes

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From March 16, 2013 to May 4, 2013 Each Saturday from 9:30 - 12:30 pm

This 8-week course will introduce students to the painting and drawing techniques that illustrators have utilized over the last several decades including: acrylic, watercolor, oils, traditional mixed media and even digital techniques.  The techniques acquired in this class can be applied to any commercial market as well as fine art. The first half of the class will be dedicated to demos and short lectures while, the second half will be designed for time to work in class under the teacher’s guidance. The class is for those who love to create art and are looking for new avenues of creative expression. Fee $160


From March 16, 2013 to May 4, 2013 Each Saturday from 1pm to 4pm

This workshop is designed for artists who have a passion for fantasy. The focus of this workshop is to introduce artists to the professional practices and methods implemented when creating an illustration for gaming and comics. The first half of each class will consist of lectures, demos, and assignments, while the second half of the classes will be time dedicated to work and critiques. Students must be 16 or older. Fee: $155


  1. The first would be perfect for me but of course I will be out of town the first Saturday class. Then I would be screwed to try and catch up the rest.

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