Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seems like forever since I checked in here...lots of catching up to do!  Here's the art for this year's Mini-Marathon poster; the race takes place this weekend. I'll be at one of the first aid EMS stations on the route - wave as you go by!


  1. Thanks Viki - how's everything? You've had a lot happen since the last time we spoke!

  2. I like the layers upon layers of the composition, and I look forward to seeing this one in person. (My screen is not showing it clearly, darn it.)

  3. A visual feast! The patterns are great. The human foot has just the right amount of emphasis. Every year's illustration has been an inspiration.

    Scott or John, how many has it been? at least since the mid-80's I'm sure.

    John, you, Chris Payne and Coby Whitmore are the illustration Godfathers of Southwest Ohio.


    Tim Langenderfer

  4. Thanks you all! Tim that's heady company :) Out of 36 of these I've done all but four...the first two were done before I became involved, and Loren Long & Chris Payne graciously did #21 and #34 respectively when I was unable to work on it those years.