Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wordsworth and the Dragon on Indiegogo

Scotti Cohn and I are finally getting ready to bring Wordsworth and the Dragon to the printer.

We are going to Indiegogo to raise funds for our book. So, if you have been interested in getting a copy when it is finished, place your order here.

It has been great fun working with Scotti on this. I love getting to do some ink drawings; it seems like they are rarely done anymore.

Wordsworth meets the dragon...
The village of Atoz

The Princess
Cover Art


  1. Looks great, Christine. Good luck to you both!
    Uh, you will put the illustrator's name on the cover eventually, right?

  2. Of course! :)

    I hope we make our goal...

  3. Oops, Sorry for the typo!
    BTW, I especially like the hazy dragon "whoomph-ing" to earth. Great creative flourish!

  4. Niiice!

    Your style on this story reminds me of things I love about Linda Medley's "Castle Waiting" graphic novels. Not to take away from your individuality, of course.

  5. I have not seen her work. I will have to check it out!