Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Price of Art School: Is It Worth it and Why is it So Much?

This article by Noah Bradley has been on fire on Twitter and Facebook today:

It basically lays out an alternative to art school.

Excerpt: "By their own estimation, the cost of a four year education at RISD is $245,816. As way of comparison, the cost of a diploma from Harvard Law School is a mere $236,100."

I am curious what people think.

I cannot believe how prices for art school have skyrocketed and really dislike the idea that these institutions and (and college for that matter) should be tossed out. Especially when my generation benefited from a fairly low cost education...

Can the price be brought down to something manageable? How did it get this way?


  1. He makes many good points and backs them up.
    I'm sure his criticism is not limited to art schools. Many types of education are getting hard to justify.

    I went to DAAP and without question, it was a good bang for the buck (especially for in-state students, or those, like me, who could get scholarship help) UC gave me a solid foundation and helped me to my first full-time job out of school. Times have changed though, and I can't speak for other schools. They are certainly churning out more students than the markets can bear.

  2. You are right, it is a different world from when we went to school even though we were not in illustration specific curricula.(I am actually glad to have a design background.)

    That is probably tangential to the question of cost though. I am baffled as to why the costs have gotten so huge.