Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello all,

Well it's that time again....we are hiring! I am losing another artist to the college CO-OP program which of course is great for her but it leaves an opening for us.

So here is the info that we generally send out to High School and College Art instructors. If any of you know some talented High School Junior/Seniors or College Freshman/Sophomores students or even talented people in general looking for part-time work using their artistic skills please pass on this info.

Dear Art Instructor,

Attached you will find some exciting information for your students. Currently Anything Airbrushed plus is looking for artists to work  at our Tri-County Mall studio location.....this job is all about doing ART all day everyday. It is very flexile, which works well for High School and College schedules and is an opportunity for them to learn a new medium as well as actually make money using their talents. Ideally we are looking for your best Junior/Senior art students(High School) or Freshman/ Sophomore(College) who have good drawing ability and outgoing personalities. Airbrush experience and or previous retail experience is a plus but not particularly necessary.

Artist Position; Duties will include: Custom painting of apparel and miscellaneous items with standard airbrush designs, as well as custom artwork requested by the customer. We want to see a portfolio which shows us airbrush experience(if any), drawing ability, a grasp of color, form and perspective. Contact us at the phone number included to set up a time to meet with us.

We would appreciate it if you could post this flyer for your students or forward the information to those students whom you feel would be interested. We look forward to working with your talented students.


Celebrating 23 years of Business in Cincinnati!!
Michael Dougherty
Anything Airbrushed plus LLC
"inside Tri-County Mall"
11700 Princeton Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

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