Thursday, February 12, 2015

Patreon Piece

I just completed my first piece for my Patreon. Not a lot of supporters yet but I'm hoping that it slowly builds and hopefully I can license some of this work while it gains steam. Suggestions for rewards/milestones are always welcome.
So I  have a list of things I will be trying to do with these images:

  • No shortcuts such as custom brushes or photo textures. Those are used for speed and I don't want to rush.
  • Work at a relaxed pace. Only allowing myself to do one per month.
  • Gather reference for absolutely everything AFTER the sketch phase.
  • If no reference exists, sculpt a model.
  • Images should be appropriate for hanging on the wall.
This began with sketches inspired by The Kingkiller Chronicles where Kvothe meets the Cthaeh. Eventually the nude male character morphed into the clothed female and the tree took on more personality until it was a creature.

It's real easy to spend long days at the computer working on pieces for myself so I'm looking forward to see where the Patreon thing goes.


  1. Gorgeous work Joe! I have learned painfully over the years that there are no shortcuts to painting plants. The effort shows!

  2. Very nice work, Joe!
    My only gripe: Post it bigger! :-)