Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Personal Piece

This is an image colored completely in Photoshop and Painter over a pencil sketch. There are pros and cons to working this way.

I find acrylic painting to be much faster and spontaneous (and less tight). (This took a heck of a lot longer than two hours). A fusion still seems like the best route.

I love the feel of paint and I love the undo function once you are working digitally. Painter does have some awesome brushes...


  1. Nice. Yeah, I agree that a fusion of digital and traditional mediums can render some pretty good results. I find the mix allows me to try things I might not otherwise if I were working with acrylics exclusively. Digital experiments can usually be undone if the results fail.

  2. Sometimes when I am painting I think the word undo when I make a mistake :) I have heard a lot of artists do that these days.