Monday, February 23, 2009

Post by Jerry Dowling-New Book Coming Out!

Jerry says: Jack Heffron of Clerisy Press in Cincinnati, and a freelance writer whose work appears regularly in Cincinnati Magazine, is the editor of the book called "ROLLIE'S FOLLIES".

It is written by Hall of Fame relief pitcher Rollie Fingers, noted for his handle bar moustache, and co-written by Chris 'Yellowstone' Ritter, a Chicago baseball author. The book design and layout was done by Steve Sullivan, a local freelance graphic artist. I drew approximately twenty cartoon illustrations to accompany some of the stories, plus part of the covers.

It's a collection of funny baseball stories and anecdotes, statistics and historical facts. It's a very interesting concept and it'll take a while for readers to ingest it all.

It's not available from me, but It is scheduled to be in book stores by June.

The plan is to produce at least one of these every year and the next one is already in the works.

Link to buy and more coming soon!


  1. That cover looks awesome!!! Great work Jerry.

  2. No lie about that cover. It jumps off the page even when reduced for the blog. Exciting use of color and composition. Congratulations, Jerry.