Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Announcement: Cincinnati Comic Anthology Project

Message from S.P.A.C.E. from Tim Fuller

After attending the Small Press Expo in Columbus last weekend, I came to the realization that I was not spending enough time developing my cartooning skills. We saw a great deal of talented folks producing a lot of very interesting material. It gave me a renewed sense of enthusiasm for finishing up some of my comic book projects.

I was also interested in the number of anthologies available there. Seeing them sparked an idea that is very obvious. Why not put together a Cincinnati-based comic book featuring illustrators from our group? Many of the members of the group are into comics and already do their own stories. It would be great to showcase them in one place.

In the 80s, I edited and published a funny animal anthology, “Hardboiled Animal Comics”, which was very popular. It would be fun to put together an even better one using the methods that were not available then.

I’d like to use this space to solicit contributions to a new book I’m calling “Queen City Funnies.” I think it would be very possible to fill an 80-page book.

There’s much research still to be done, but at this point I envision a soft cover, full color book. Aside from presenting our work, I want to feature bios and contact info. We can list our websites and promote any other projects we’d like to sell. I might even solicit advertising from some local comic shops to help with printing costs. Everyone would also be able to sell the book through their own websites and at comic cons. As everyone is very busy, the deadline would need to be generous, I’m thinking the end of this year at least, to give us plenty of time to fit this in between our regular work, without having to rush. The number of pages would be up to the artists, as would subject matter. My own comics are humorous, usually talking animals. Autobiographical comics would also work well. Or stories relating to the city would be appropriate. Artists would, of course, retain all rights to their work.

In order to get this off the ground, ideas and suggestions would be very welcome. I will continue to post updates as this project develops. If you are interested, let me know at



  1. I'm in! Love the logo you've created. Let us know the page size and format needed so we can get crackin'!

    There is an amazing amount of talent in our group. We should be able to produce a dynamite anthology.

  2. Tim, I agree with every Daryll said —even though he's really insane.

    Years ago we put together a two-page tribute to Chris to commemorate his 80th (or something) birthday. It was sort of an eclectic visual roasting, but everyone put a lot of heart into it, and some of the tributes???? were pretty funny. If Chris (and the various contributors) have no objection, I'll dig it up and post it.

  3. Chuck-YES!!! You should definitely post it :)

    Tim-What size do you want the art?

  4. Of course I want to be a part of this, Tim.

    For my contribution, I dibs the title "Queen City Quack-Ups."

    Or perhaps "Queen City Quakers."

    P.S. to Christina: Did I invent a new verb? Dibs on "dibs"!

  5. "Queen City Quakers" ?

    That sounds kind of like non-violent kind of comic involving characters that eat a lot of fiber... ;)

  6. I'm in...Zap Comix used to do this in some issues, with various artists doing several panels, sometimes changing in the middle of a panel. The "storylines" were secondary, of course :-)

  7. I would definitely contribute to this - it is funny I am in the middle of designing a course this summer that will be exactly that - a printed comic book of all the students work and then we will turn it into a web comic. I was going to ask Tim about the pricing he got for the comic book printer that he used.
    As far as the Queen City Funnies - we should also post it as a web comic - by the end of this summer, I will have alot of techniques on how to do that.