Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Commissioned portrait drawing

Here's a recent commissioned portrait I completed. I am getting more drawing commissions than painting as people try to save some money. The image is 20" x 16" and is charcoal on a prepared acrylic ground.


  1. It is a lovely image. Who usually commissions this type of portraits? Parents?

  2. Nice work Bruce! I like the idea of the drwn portrait in the same way as I like B&W photography...that's they way I would go for one that I would commission.

  3. It's beautiful,Bruce! Very alive. Interesting to see how the economy has hit various areas. I've done more black line work this year than many for the same reason.

  4. Beautiful technique Bruce. I am continually stunned by the level of talent on display here.

    I also am working on a portraiture side business where I will draw your loved one or pet as a zombie or leper.

    Available in black and white or color.

  5. Thanks for all of your responses. I've been a bum not doing any posting. To answer Christina's question: The majority of these commissions come from spouses and usually celebrate an anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift. Most of my patrons mention that is the uniqueness of the gift that is important; that it the time involved in making it is in someway congruent to the sentiment the patron has for the recipient and somehow your are the medium the patron expresses this. In this case it was just simply economics determining the medium.

    Daryll, I would need my leper in color to fully realize the exeprience!

  6. Daryll didn't mention the caption clause in his portrait work - everyone gets one like it or not. (Thought balloons are extra due to the more complex linework involved)

  7. Your use of deep black and tone must be three times as rich when seen in person and not online. Beauty.

  8. That's right John! For no extra fee, you'll recieve my wry and surly commentary on your zombified loved one.

    It's the perfect birthday/anniversary gift for that special someone who's pissed you off recently, but not enough that you wouldn't get them a present.

  9. Bruce,
    Very nice work - I have always liked the use of a toned ground so you can paint shadow with a black charcoal and light with a white conte. You can really get a beautiful range of value.
    I like the idea of getting a portrait as a leper - I am thinking your market would be old girlfriends or people like Bernie Madoff. Maybe your old boss or anyone who you felt 'did you wrong'. It would be like 'therapy'. Maybe you could put some business flyers in therapist's offices.