Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ladybug Factory

Now you know how ladybugs are made.


  1. Aww. I'm never this cute.

    I just re-watched Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times," in which Charlie dances chaos across the conformity of an assembly line. I look at the Ladybug Factory, and I'm waiting for the grand troublemaker!

  2. I always wondered where they came from... this explains so much :)

    This is such a great design!

  3. This is hands-down my favorite piece of yours so far, Viki! A cute original idea and well-executed.
    This would make great stationery for little girls, esp. if you were to conjure up other things to manufacture.

  4. Are you kidding, Brian? They're taking a bag of decapitated heads and sticking it on these shells as they come down a conveyor belt. This kind of thing is right up your alley! :-)

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Chuck-There's a poem to this piece (not a great one)
    and I do have other factories in mind. That's a great idea for stationary-I'm thinking of Cafe Press, where I could do kid's posters, cards, prints, and other things. Funny how when I'm just doing something to please myself it turns out so well. Guess we just know our own vision (logical as it is attached and all)(or is it?)Hmm

    And Brian-you ARE that cute! (as in you as a need for your art to be cute too.)