Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Chri'mastime!!

Usually around the holidays, people end up doing their own personal Christmas cards, or doodling Santas and elves on scraps of paper during lunch. Post your holiday card illustrations, or any holiday drawings you've done while the cookies were baking! Or if you read a lot of illustrator blogs and notice some other great artists posting their holiday stuff, link to it so we can all be inspired as well.

I've posted a few images of recent holiday drawings. The first two were my first all-digital, Cintiq-drawn illustrations. One for my work and one just for kicks. The last is a holiday card idea, but we'll see if I can round up the time to make any of them. Can't wait to see your follow-up posts!


  1. I love 'em all, Oliver! My fav. is the bottom one. Rocket Science is lucky to have you —best of luck!

  2. These are great! Love the Saturday Evening Post Santa rendering. The talent here in town blows me away!

    The abominable snowman illustration is a great character design and I love the limited retro color scheme.

  3. Great post Oliver! I hope to see you here often!

    My fave is the the snowman-though the others are great as well. I have a Cintiq and love it. I am toying with getting the large one. I have the 12WX.

  4. I forgot to mention, I got my cards (posted last week) done at vistaprint. I am very pleased with the color and quality. I did postcards and e- cards.

  5. Great stuff. I used PSPrint for my cards this year. Turned out great and better pricing than vistaprint. Might keep in mind for next year.