Friday, February 5, 2010

Just another zombie

O.K., O.K., here is my zombie portrait......David


  1. See, this recent series of posts shows just how dangerous zombies are. You start with one and pretty soon everyone becomes infected... :)

    This one has the chewed ear too...

  2. I dig it David!

    Yes Christina, what is up with all the guy zombies and having an ear chewed on? It gives one pause...

    I'm glad those rat bastard zombies didn't get to David's trademark mustache! The fact that the zombified David is still working in front of his computer screen proves that although you may be re-animated, a zombie animator must still continue to animate.

  3. And not just the Ear Bandit zombie strike again, the worm, dammit I told my agent my Zombie need more worm! I have worm envy.

  4. Actually, there is a Don Quixote feel to Dave's zombie...

  5. Thanks for the feedback - Christina I do see the don Quixote reference now that you mention it. Daryll - yes, even the zombie Dave has a job to do - notice that even the zombie Dave needs glasses to see as well. Yeah well the whole worm idea I stole from Daryll and Tim - They both had worms - but now that I think about it maggots would have been better...