Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life Drawing

Life drawing is essential to keeping up one's chops as an illustrator and I just found out about a new group meeting on Thursdays from fellow illustrators lunch regular Bruce Erikson.

Open Life Drawing at Xavier

Every Thursday (except for holidays, spring break and the summer) we have a model from 6-9PM. There is no model on March 4th which happens to fall during spring break or April 1st which is our Easter Break. We finish up on April 22nd.

We do one long three hour pose so that people can paint or sculpt as well as the customary sketch. Each session is $7 or $30 for all 12-13 for the whole semester.  Its pretty low-key, but lots of fun.

If anyone is interested in checking it out, drop me an email and I will send the maps that Bruce provided that show where the studio is on campus and where to park.

Other Life Drawing Opportunities

Manifest Gallery also offers open life drawing sessions. Chuck, Oliver and Paula have attended them and can perhaps give more details about the group and pose lengths.

Dr. Sketchy's is a life drawing group with themed poses and costumes, which is a fun change of pace. They are the 2nd Thursday each month at Leapin Lizard Gallery. The next one is March 11th from 8-11ish. You can get regular updates from the meetup site. Many of us have attended these as well and they are a lot of fun.

I know there are some other groups as well through the Art Academy and Cincinnati Art Club. If anyone wants to recommend a group, post it!


  1. The Cincinnati Art Club has figure drawing, but I'm unsure of the details. You need to apply for a membership, which means you may have to show some work and get accepted. The dues are not very steep and the drawing sessions are free, I believe. Tom Post is a member.
    if interested:

    I've heard that the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati has inexpensive figure drawing as well. I'm not certain those sessions are restricted to women either (don't quote me)

  2. Thanks for the links Chuck. If anyone has been to any of these, give us a report.

  3. I'm going to go to the Xavier drawing sessions. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

  4. I will probably start going after the Dr Sketchy's on the 11th.

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