Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miss Sassy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! ....looks like I missed a fun Illustrator Party :~/

These are sketches of one of my roommates' cats, Miss Sassy. AKA: Sassafras. She only looks drugged and cranky, she's actually quite happy and sweet. ;~)


  1. Great face! Hope you are doing well down south, Paula!

  2. That is one cranky lookin' kitty :P The drawings you have here look like they'd make a great caricature of a cat, maybe for a comic strip? Love these drawings, Paula. Great work! :)

  3. If you knew her, you'd never say she was cranky!
    They said that before they adopted her, as a kitten, the breeders had an unfortunate accident with her falling through a cage..... which left her, well, a little bit different. I think her wiring's a bit off? She sometimes walks into walls, etc. BUT.....very happy & lovable! ;~)

    The South is so far so good! Coooold, though....looks just like OH right now. But, we'll be in the 60's later this week! :~P