Friday, March 4, 2011

Jim Effler: Bockfest Poster 2011 Signing March 4th-6th

This is Jim's 16th Bockfest poster!

Jim will be there from 6-10 Friday March 4th and again on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.

Bockfest Hall is at 1619 Moore Street in OTR.

More info: There is a parade at 5:30!


  1. Really stunning work - the color is so amazing in this and I can't wait to see the original some time. After three days at Bockfest Hall, do the signatures get less legible or more so?

  2. I got a signed poster Friday! Bockfest is a great event. It was the first time I made it there but hope to see the parade one day. The giant goat is cool!

  3. The giant goat IS cool! (we made it down there last year, but that was the first in a long time)

    It's a great event and Jim always turns out a great poster. This is no exception!