Friday, June 8, 2012

Christina Wald: Sensing Their Prey

From Smelling Prey: Available September 2012 through Magic Wagon, a division of the ABDO Group ( or your educational wholesaler.

 We have had a bit of a dearth of new art on the blog so I am going to break the ice...

This has been an ongoing project for a while. The project was 6 books and 84 paintings, so this is just a taste. I will be sharing a lot more in the coming months.

It was a wonderful project and the ABDO folks were amazing to work with, I can hardly wait to see the books in print.

They are on the Barnes and Noble site for pre-order:

Some more on the blog:

What are all of you working on? Give us a peek!


  1. Great cover, Christina —my favorite in the series!

  2. Adorable! (Not a word I use too often or lightly.)

  3. Really, really love this illustration!

  4. Thanks! I think everyone is just shocked that it is not a cat illustration...

  5. Christina, just found this. I'm the author of the series. I LOVE your illustrations! This one especially is my favorite. Everyone I've shown it to has smiled. Thanks for doing such wonderful work!

    1. It was a really fun project! I am looking forward to seeing the books in print!