Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chalk help?

Hey guys-- a little advice?

What is the best kind of paper for a chalk drawing?
I've only worked on actual black chalkboard so far.

This was done on a smooth Strathmore drawing paper, and it didn't really want to grab any color.


  1. Paula, anything smooth will be frustrating for pastel work. Both Canson and Strathmore make toothy papers well-suited for pastel and chalk. You can buy them in indiv. sheets and in all types of colors at Plaza.
    If you want to drop some cash and get some sanded pastel paper, Cheap Joe's (no relation to Trader Joe's) is a good source:

    If you haven't been to Suder's on Vine St. lately, I'd heartily recommend them —especially for pastels and pastel supplies. They have some great papers and boards and some pretty knowledgeable sales people. They may even have some scraps for you to try out in the store.

  2. Paula, I use pastels primarily, and Chuck is right. I prefer less tooth for my work, so I use Canson toned papers and flip them over to the smoother side. It depends on what kind of look you are going for. Good luck!