Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 Chairs for Captain Spaulding!

Er...actually, one chair, Harpo. For me.

My office chair, from which I do my art and computer work, needs to be replaced.

I've been looking at prices ranging from $130 to $180, and it has to be available locally. (I've already made the mistake of ordering a chair online, and boy, does my tush hurt.)

Does anyone know any local chair sources, perhaps with a staff member who actually knows something about ergonomics and/or chairs? I know, I always ask the impossible.


  1. I have been asking around, but no bites yet. To get really good quality, you may need to get a used chair.

  2. I can only offer empathy, Brian.
    I have two of the worst chairs known to man taking up space in my studio. One has a sharp metal rod where the soft back used to be.
    When I find something I like, I'll let you know.