Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chevette Postcards

This is a set of illustrations I did for a friend who helped remodel our kitchen, who also loves Chevettes. The star of these drawings is his burnt orange '76, shown in various famous big places across the world. I ended up making them into postcards, with small postcard-style write-ups on the back (shown here underneath each drawing). You will probably have to click on the image in order to read the captions. Or you can see them all larger on my blog: http://stephaniesmithart.blogspot.com/


  1. I had a chevette in college that was so rusted out that you could see the ground through the floor on the driver's side. The car was definitely a mystery. I never knew where it might break down when driving it :)

    These are great. I think the Easter Island is my favorite.

    I have always loved the name "chevette".

  2. I love the clean simple lines you've used, and the humor in the messages. Great job!

  3. I had a Chevette back in the day and while it wasn't the worst car I've ever owened, (that would go to my Volkswagon Rabbit) it was a piece of crap.

    Like Christina's experience, my car also rusted out on the floor of the passenger's side. We were out (early 1980's) and Marilyn commented, "I feel a breeze in here." She lifted up the floor mat and there was Interstate 71 zooming by for her to enjoy!

  4. Agreed on the Rabbit. My dad had one in the late 70s/early 80s. I cannot remember ever having a car self destruct at such an alarming rate. He bought it new too and everything broke off of it or fell apart very quickly.

    I also remember chilly winters in my parent's vw squareback when the heat did not work...

  5. I'll confess. I'm an ex-'vette driver too!
    It was silver for the first 6 months. Dull grey thereafter.
    My Dad bought it hoping he could get all 7 kids through driver's ed with it. I think it lasted through 4 kids.

    I think this is a real cute series, but there's an Oceanic art geek in me that wants to see bigger noses on those Easter Island statues. :-)

  6. Thanks, and these comments are awesome :) I'm finding a lot of people have been past Chevette owners...most with some bitter-fond memories. I haven't seen this guy's cars, but he is a huge fan. I'm thinking his probably aren't rusted out anywhere. It's funny how much cars effect our lives and memories.

  7. I have bitter-fond memories of sitting on the not-so-plush vinyl upholstery in the dead of winter —like sitting on an iceberg, while the car accelerated at a glacial pace.