Monday, January 10, 2011

David Mack: Show at PAC Gallery

David Mack has an exhibit in Cincinnati at PAC Gallery this month thru February 26th.

 The opening night is January 21 (7-10pm).


  1. Beautiful work, David! (as always)
    I'm a big admirer, and am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the work.

    PAC usually has gallery openings in tandem with Manifest openings on "Walk on Woodburn" evenings. These events are always a good excuse to get out of the house.

  2. I am afraid to say I will make it because I may jinx the possibility...

  3. Both are beautiful, David! A slight edge for the Kabuki one for me.

  4. It was a great exhibit. Lots and lots of really nice sketches.
    David seemed pretty preoccupied, so I never got the chance to ask:
    What are those perforated wooden objects that he uses as borders on almost every piece?
    Anyone know?

  5. Didn't know anything about the artist...just a Saturday night ut with a friend. Was STUNNED by the calibre of artwork by David Mack. His "talk was sharp, funny, intelligent, NOT Cincinnati as usual. WOW...took my breath away!
    Who is this guy?? Where did he come from? How did PAC get this exhibit? Is he signing his books anywhere else neare here?