Tuesday, May 14, 2019

OPEN SOURCE 1.4 at The Carnegie Reception Friday, May 31, 2019 5-8 pm

The OPEN SOURCE 1.4 exhibition reception at The Carnegie in Covington will be on Friday May 31, 2019. David Hartz will have drawings in new curatorial directions for this show.

The Carnegie Galleries will host a reception for Open Source 1.4, the final installment of Open Source, a series of rotating installations and objects selected by a fluid team of curators, artists, collectors, writers, critics, and community organizers from across the region.

The final installation of the exhibition will begin with a reception on Friday, May 31. During the reception, Take a Moment (Jon Flannery + Joe Walsh) will have a live screen printing workshop where attendees can purchase pieces made on Friday evening.

This year's GSA artists Daisy Slucher, Travis Sparks, and Anya Zalewski will be in attendance and on hand to answer audience questions.

Curators: Jessica Caponigro, Matt Coors, Annie Dell’Aria, Matt Distel, Sso-rha Kang, Sarabel Santos Negron, Linda Schwartz, Maria Seda-Reeder, Sarah Rose Sharp, C.M. Turner, and Cori Wolff

Exhibiting Artists: Josh Azzarella, Scottie Bellissemo, Keith Benjamin, Bruce Bennett, Britni Bicknaver, Andrew Cozzens, Joomi Chung, Sky Cubacub, Elese Daniel, Curtis Davis, Brian Dooley, Lizzy Duquette, Ryan Fabel, Tracy Featherstone, Jon Flannery + Joe Walsh, Meri Jayne Fleisch, Llewelynn Fletcher, Forealism Tribe, Joe Girandola, Alexa Hamilton, David Hartz, Hannah Hersko, Andrew Hostick, Intermedio, Hannah Ireland, Alison Jardine, Kelly Kroener, Jon Lanzador, Thaniel Ion Lee, Joel McDonald, Lorena Molina, Jack Nichols, Sabrina Pachla, Jamie Payne, Harry Sanchez, Jr, Christian Schmit, Judith Scott, Daisy Slucher, Travis Sparks, Tyler Spohn, Brenda Tarbell, Erin Taylor, Aubrey Theobald, Peter Van Hyning, Joey Versoza, Cathrine Whited, Lindsey Whittle, David Wischer, C. Jacqueline Wood, Sherri Lynn Wood, Anya Zalewski