Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Will Hillenbrand's Work at the Cincinnati Public Library

There are only a few days left to see Will's work at the library.

Children's Book Boot Camp

This summer, CBBC will be held in Pennsylvania at the Highlights Foundation...a very cool retreat with log cabins, great cuisine and all of the amenities needed to tuck yourself away for four days and WORK.  It will be the first SUPER CBBC...which means you get to work with four author/illustrators....me, Bruce Degen, Denise Fleming and Paul O. Zelinsky....before meeting with Rotem Moscovich (Editor at Hyperion), Laurent Linn (Art Director at Simon & Schuster) and Rachel Ward (Literary agent with Prospect) to pitch your book project.

You're getting this extremely EARLY notice because Highlights is offering a 15% discount if you register by January 15th. 

I have heard raves about the Highlights facility. If you are working on a children's book dummy, it is a great place to get feedback from an amazing team. A friend of mine just published her first novel and has gotten a lot out of their writing workshops.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A book came out a couple of weeks ago called Navigating Love by Malik Spencer. It'a available at: Amazon.com. I did 50 or so illustrations for it. Here are a few.

Just flap your arms and you'll be fine!

I won't get into it here, but I have very strong feelings toward letting unemployment benefits lapse.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey everyone...Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Holiday Season. 
I thought I would share a typical day in the life of an airbrush artist.
These are all projects I did in one 12 hour day last week.
(with the exception of the Bengals/Browns body painting which I posted just for 
Jerry Dowling...lol) While it is the Holiday season and these are examples of projects 
that I worked on one day last week. This still shows the variety of projects that any one of
our artists can typically be expected to experience on any given day. 

The projects in the picture range from custom designed t-shirts for customers
who simply come in and tell us what they want on a shirt and we just
make it up on the spot...the "Bacon girl" and the "Zombie rudolph" are
perfect examples of this. Other more detailed custom artwork include the
Car and motorcycle portraits, the Golf Caricature as well as the 5'X8' backdrop
for a dance studio. 

While I know that these examples are not nearly as detailed as most of us work
as illustrators. They are none the less perfect examples of what our artists at
Anything Airbrushed plus work on in a typical day. Since airbrush artists have the ability to work on just about any surface imaginable we typically get the projects that no other artists can do...lol


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kevin Huber cartoon

Last week Bengals punter Kevin Huber was injured during gameplay by an illegal hit from a Pittsburgh Steelers player. A 7-year-old boy wrote Huber a letter wishing him well, and hoping the Steeler would lose his house and be forced to live in his car.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Illustrator News: Interview of Loren Long on WVXU

 WVXU recently interviewed Loren Long about An Otis Christmas and his current book projects.

Check it out!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Llamas improve every holiday...
Did anyone else do a Christmas Card this year? This is mine...

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone! (and for my Eastern European friends, Epiphany on January 6th)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Illuminated Journaling Workshop Opportunity

Artist Amy Bogard and writer/artist Diane Debevec are teaming up to co-teach an illuminated journaling workshop later this winter.  Exploring the theme of early spring thru traditions such as Imbolc, Groundhog Day, and St. Bridgid's Day, participants will play in their journals using poetry, collage, drawing and writing.  The workshop is being offered in partnership with Women Writing for a Change at their Silverton facility, February 2 from 1-4 pm and the cost is $35.  For more information, check out the class listing at WWf(a)C!!  (link HERE)

Christmas Party Pictures!

Jerry Dowling put together a great post together about this year's Christmas party.

It was our biggest ever with over 40 people!

Read his write up here: http://www.kenstewartphoto.net/dowling_drivel_blog/?p=4069

Until 2014...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Interesting Article: Why the Art World Is So Loathsome

This is considered a major work of art now. When Michelangelo painted the ceiling, it was his day job.
A friend posted a link to this article on Facebook and I thought it was very interesting.

Basically it takes on the current state of 'contemporary art' and one of its big shows called Art Basel Miami where rich people waste their money on their supposedly valuable art collections.

My favorite quote:

"4. The post-skill movement.

“No major figure of profound influence has emerged in painting or sculpture since the waning of Pop Art and the birth of Minimalism in the early 1970s,” writes Camille P. But what about those annoying YBAs, the young British artists, the folks that noted U.K.-based art critic Brian Sewell has wickedly and accurately dubbed “The Post-Skill Movement”? Are they profound or influential?"

 Post skill movement? There are tons of skilled artists in the world making a living.

They are usually called illustrators.

This world has pretty much ignored them at best. Art history texts ignore artists like Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazetta and many others. At some point they were disconnected from the art world as not worthy.

The article also says that school churn out those with no skills. Perhaps that is true but there are are also mane schools and workshops that do teach hard core fundamentals. There is a growing movement of Atelier programs that focus on the nuts and bolts of creating good images.

I think things are starting to change and these artists will be honored in retrospect.

People who illustrate for books, magazines, comics, video games, animation, etc. represent the true contemporary art because it is the everyday imagery that reflects what is happening in culture and society. They are the current artisans similar to those that painted the cathedrals and baptistries in the Renaissance.

At some point in the early 20th century, it was decided that 'art' is not a craft that is practiced by a skilled artisan like a carpenter, but something else.  

The article is here:

Interesting note: I saw the Victorian Painting Exhibit at the Frick in NYC many years ago and have the book. It is a step in the right direction that the book is mentioned.

Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the season for giving... and also for saying thank you for a great year.

The University of Cincinnati Athletic Department came to us at Flaming Medusa Studios because they needed an animated holiday card that would both thank their donors and also give them the opportunity to include UC Athletics in their holiday giving. So we made this! We got to animate their old mascots too- this was a pretty cool project. I also got to do some actionscripting!

You can watch the card here: http://www.animatedcincinnati.com/UC/happyholidays.html

Friday, December 13, 2013

Illustrator News: C. F. Payne at Joseph Beth Booksellers December 17th

From the FB event site: "C.F. Payne has illustrated more than a dozen picture books, including the Texas Bluebonnet winner "Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy" and" Turkey Bowl", both written by Phil Bildner. He also illustrated the "New York Times" bestsellers "The Remarkable Farkle McBride" and "Micawber", both by John Lithgow. He teaches at the Columbus College of Design, where he is the chair of the Illustration Department. C.F. Payne lives with his wife and children in Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit him at CFPayne.com."

Tuesday December 17th at 6 pm.

Details here:


Joseph Beth Booksellers:

2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208-1321

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

News business card illustration

Hey all. I just finished this piece and thought I'd share. I'm planning on using this as the front of my new business cards. Big thanks go out to Brian Hagen for a much-needed second pair of eyes on this as I painted it.

Also, I have a new website, www.kevinnecessary.com, and a Tumbler sketch blog, www.kevinnecessary.tumblr.com.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Illustrator News: Habanero's meet and greet with artist Mike Altman

 If you have a few minutes tonight (Monday December 9th) from 6-8pm, come out and show your support for artist, Mike Altman. Habanero restaurant in Clifton is having an artists reception and premiering some of his new works. Free chips & salsa!

Habanero is located at 358 Ludlow Avenue just off Clifton Avenue. Cinncinati OH


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Illustrator News: Christina Wald will be a Blue Marble Books Today

If you are shopping in Northern Kentucky this Saturday December 9th, stop by Blue Marble Children's Bookstore.

I will be signing books from 2 until 4!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Illustrators Christmas Party is Coming!

Illustrators Yearly Christmas Party at Slatts:

Date: Sunday, December 15th at 6PM
I know it has sneaked up on us a little this year but please try to RSVP by next Wednesday!

-Remember to bring art if you want to...
-Spouses welcome
-There is no longer a gift exchange

Also, some of us are seeing the next installment of the Hobbit before the party. If you plan to join us for that, let me know.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

David Hartz at the Carnegie Gallery: Opening Reception December 13, 2013, 5:30 - 9:00

An exhibition of David Hartz’s recent artworks will be shown in the Semmens Gallery at the Carnegie Gallery, 1028 Scott Boulevard, Covington, Kentucky 41011.

The Opening Reception is December 13, 2013 from 5:30 – 9:00.
The exhibition runs through February 14, 2014

Concurrent exhibitions at the Carnegie will be Ron Thomas: “Take It From Me” in the Ohio National Financial Services Gallery, Northern Kentucky Printmakers: “So They Say: Wisdom and Foolishness” in the Duveneck Gallery, Andrew Dailey: “Genus machina” in the Hutson Gallery, and Trish Weeks, “Speaking of Color” in the Rieveschl Gallery.

"Felt Fire" by David Hartz (needle felted wool)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Free blank comic pages

I have somewhere around 40-50 BlueLine brand comic book boards if anyone wants them. They're still in the original bags. Most are Pro Series 3 ply. Some are Smooth 300 Series Strathmore. Free if you want to pick them up from my porch in Fort Mitchell, KY.

Shoot me a note at oliver@oliverartist.com if you're interested!

Krampus Arts Market and Music Fest

301 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
November 30th at 8PM

Upstairs will be converted into a pop up art market for the night with both local and national artists selling original pieces of artwork and prints directly to you. This is the perfect holiday event for your hard to shop for relatives and for picking up stocking stuffers.


* Anthony "TANK" Mansfield
* Jaimie "As You Wish..." Filer
* Christina Wald
* John Sebastian
* Snotty RLE
* Aaron Lambert Art
* Kevin O'Neil
* Justin Stewart
* Lauren Shears
* Jason Erler
* Dylan Speeg
* Mike Maydak
* Bret Crutchfield

But thats not all, KRAMPUS will also play host to THE ART OF WAR III: Day of the Return of the Jedi King! Watch as 8 artists compete in an tournament that is one part freestyle rap battle and one part Pictionary. Artists have 5 minutes to draw topics that are suggested by you the crowd and winner of the round is decided by you as well.

One top of all this Mainstay has a fully stocked bar on each floor so that you can drink while you shop, except unlike when your grandmother drinks vodka out of a Diet Sprite bottle at the Kenwood Mall you won't have to hide it. 

More info https://www.facebook.com/events/1377960739107095/?source=1 

Krampu loves what he does!

Illustrator News: Cincinnati International Art Fair

The Busker by Marlene Steele
Marlene Steele, Tom Post, Gil Born, Bruce Erikson and many other will be exhibiting at the Cincinnati International Art Fair.

10 -6 

1624 Herald Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45207 Free Parking



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Travel Sketch Journal Workshop -TAOS, NM!

Sketch artist Amy Bogard will be presenting the fourth annual 'Illuminated Travel Journal' workshop next June in Taos, New Mexico.  Registration is open now and there is a $200 discount on registrations received before December 15.  For more information, visit Amy's blog!  This workshop is a fun opportunity for beginning sketch artists to learn some tips and tricks, and for more seasoned drawers to be inspired by the beauty of New Mexico.  Here is a video with some of Amy's sketch work, along with images of Taos!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Illustrator News: Wordsworth and the Dragon is available on Amazon!

Finally! Wordsworth and the Dragon is available on Amazon!

We are preparing the materials to send out to the people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign! Thanks SO MUCH everyone!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Illustrators Lunch This Week at Habits

Photos by Jerry Dowling
Massive lunch this week at Habit's since veteran lunch illustrators Jay Baur and Craig McKay were in town from Atlanta. There was even a rare sighting of Jerry (Unusual for lunch at Habit's)

See the more of Jerry's photos of the lunch at his blog: http://www.kenstewartphoto.net/dowling_drivel_blog/?p=3795

Illustrator News: Loren Long and Jon Agee at Joseph Beth

From the event page: "Join two of our very favorite children's book creators as they bring us two new Christmas classics - Little Santa & An Otis Christmas!

Little Santa - A resident of the North Pole with the ability to slide up and down chimneys meets a flying reindeer and some industrious elves, in this fictional biography of Santa Claus.

An Otis Christmas - On Christmas Eve at the farm, a horse faces complications while delivering her foal and Otis the tractor must race through snowy, treacherous woods to bring back Doc Baker before it is too late."

Friday November 15th at 6pm

2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208-1321


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grand Opening of the Cartoon Museum in Columbus this Weekend

From the article, AP photo by Tony Dejak
This is totally worth the road trip! It also is designed to coincide with The Festival of Cartoon Art, held every three years.

 From the AP article:

"The museum has originals from everyone from Richard Outcault — whose "Yellow Kid" in a 19th century comic strip spawned the term "yellow journalism" — to Charles Schulz ("Peanuts"), classic "Pogo" story lines from Walt Kelly, Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury," Chester Gould's "Dick Tracy," early "Blondie" strips from Chic Young and the entire collection of Jeff Smith, an Ohio State graduate who created the hugely popular "Bone" series of comic books.

It's all been moved to a new 30,000-square-foot home in a high-profile corridor of the sprawling Columbus campus, into a space renamed for Ireland, the former editorial cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch who was one of the pioneers of the art form. His family donated a big chunk of money for the project."

More here:


If You Go:

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum: http://cartoons.osu.edu

Ohio State University
Sullivant Hall
1813 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio

Hours: Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 16-17) 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Then Tuesday through Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Monday.

Opening exhibits include "Treasures from the Collection" and "Substance and Shadow: The Art of the Cartoon"

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I am posting this link because we have all had this experience.


Bassically this illustrator received an email from a Creative Director asking him to do work for one of his multimillion dollar clients for free, claiming he would win awards and all kinds of "exposure".

 We have all received notes like this and I find it shocking that so many people even in creative fields think that what we do is easy and should be done for no compensation.

I had a high circulation magazine ask for some of my art for its cover for no pay and their email actually asked me to send a hi-res image! (Several times!!!) When I said absolutely not they tried to position it as a "free advertising opportunity". The periodical had no art connection, but even if it did.

And I have heard from agencies asking for free work...

I think at best those who do this are ignorant of the amount of work and perseverance it takes to run your business as an illustrator/designer/creative. At worse, it is a cynical practice to take advantage of those who do not know better.

What are your horror stories?


Friday, November 1, 2013

Boston Public Library Posts Scans of Robert McCloskey Sketches

The Boston Public Library has posted some of Caldecott winner Robert McCloskey's sketches on Flickr.

From the site: "Robert McCloskey was the writer and illustrator of such classic children’s books as "Blueberries for Sal," "One Morning in Maine," and "Homer Price." McCloskey twice won the Caldecott Medal, the American Library Association’s annual award of distinction for children’s book illustration. He received his first Caldecott Medal for "Make Way for Ducklings" (1941), his beloved tale of a mallard duck family’s journey along busy Boston streets in their quest to reach a new home in the Public Garden.

In the 1960s, Robert McCloskey presented the BPL with four sketchbooks containing preliminary drawings for "Make Way for Ducklings." With the artist’s permission, selected drawings have been taken from the sketchbooks and matted."


Some Great Recent Podcasts

The Podcast Your Dreams, My Nightmares had a couple really good recent interviews:

Donato Giancola

Greg Manchess

I just saw Greg's show at the Society of Illustrators when in NYC last week. Great show! I had never seen his paintings in person. Sadly, the show's last day was October 26th.

Illustrator News: Amy Bogard

UC Alumni Art Show
at the UC Blue Ash Gallery
 BA Annex, 4131 Cooper Rd, Blue Ash OH 45236
November 1st, 2013
From 5:00 to 8:00pm
Please RSVP if you can 
call Debbie Miller at (513) 936-1573
or Bruno Zabaglio at (513) 919-0205
or on line at: http://bit.ly/1hqxrBM

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kennedy Heights Call for Entries: All Things Unexplained


Kennedy Heights Arts Center is seeking submissions of work in all media for our winter juried show. Deadline for entries in October 23.
All Things Unexplained is a juried art exhibition encompassing all facets of myths, folklore and urban legends. These narratives possess a mysterious and eternal story. Relayed by word of mouth or written in books, from fairies to ghosts, mermaids to gods, these tales live on forever. Myths, folklore, and urban legends comprise many genres including oral history, music, proverbs, riddles, popular beliefs, fairy tales, stories, tall tales, and cultural customs. Express your version of any of these themes in any medium of art.  
Submission Procedure:
Artists are invited to submit up to three pieces with a non-refundable entry fee of $25. Members of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center's Guild may submit a maximum of four pieces at no cost. Fees can be paid online via Paypal at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001H0ruZqm8y6StgEFpGKDrLvbit1I9GhFdQcmY89uT-eClNEBY57j6Sb8uT0jL9sXYcgzAn7bio4DNmu85G05bd8MRxPOBekxb7Ta4QZ60KljJFxHMmIt-JKu_gMEZTj8lvzHHj8IXRq9CpYNSnJKRA_t3C2CxushT_F8yY71N8dLg_x_EOY3SpGDUWJ-2tvh6zvQsQIRr4o1bRliadKIIzTXC-6OJ80VIM8ZnUBT1jyQ=&c=JT76mXPeK99HZonwXf_uy4TL_AiNjc9nI5oxgW9-0Dpky1vtUDHM_w==&ch=CE_YgC5tlpPWoKjdj8E9EzVwQ7Ar0PYWD6w05tIzT9EkPWHzwXtCcQ== or by check payable to Kennedy Heights Arts Center.

Online submissions will be accepted until October 23, 2013. Artists should email a completed entry form and jpeg images to curator@kennedyarts.org
. All digital images must use a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Label images with last name and title of work. 

Artists who are accepted into the show are also invited to sell smaller, gift type items in the Micro Gallery Boutique which will accompany All Things Unexplained.  The boutique will be open only during the run of the show, November 26, 2013 - January 4, 2014.  
Click here for Artist Application Form and more details.
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm
Kennedy Heights Arts Center
6546 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213
513-631-4278 | kennedyarts.org   

Society of Illustrators 56 Call for Entries

Accepting entries through November 1st, 2013

Join the premier showcase for illustrators!  All accepted entries will be reproduced in full color in the Illustrators 56 annual and included in the exhibit at the Society of Illustrators, on display January 7 - March 1, 2014.  A selection of 40 works will tour US colleges through June 2015, the 33rd eduational traveling exhibition.

All entries must be entered on the online competition site


Viki Woodworth and Vanessa Sorensen at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center Saturday

Join Viki Woodworth and Vanessa Sorensen at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center this Saturday the 19th at 11am for Jokes, Mazes and Storytime. 

Viki has done many wonderful maze books and hidden picture books for Highlights Magazine and Dover Publications and Vanessa has done some amazing cat, bird and joke books will be at the gallery tomorrow drawing, reading and talking mazes!

 The art exhibit is up until the 27th. Stop by if you can!

Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Books By the Banks

The annual Books By the Banks festival is this Saturday October 12th at the Convention center.

This year's illustrators include: Jeffery Ebbeler (who did the poster this year), C.F.Payne, Will Hillenbrand, Tammie Lyon (who is doing a panel on creating children's books at 10am with Andrea Cheng, Janeen Coyle, and Connie Remlinger Trounstine) 

TPHS Program "John Maggard, Portrait of an Artist" and "Walking Tour"

Terrace Park Historical Society Program 

"John Maggard, Portrait of an Artist" and "Walking Tour"

Date: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013
Time: 3:30 Social 4:00 Program
Location: TP Elementary School
Free and Open to the Public! 

Come see John discuss his work! 

Kickstarter:5ive Footers

Chad King Taylor has a kickstarter for his latest 5ive Footers comic:


Why not throw a little support his way!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ken Burns' Thomas Hart Benton Documentary

The documentary about illustration called Making It that Woody is working on posted a link to a Ken Burns doc about Thomas Hart Benton on their Facebook page this week. I just watched it and what a fascinating life story!


No need to order the video, it can be viewed on Hulu Plus. You can watch free for a week if you sign up.


There are some of his murals at Indiana University that David Hartz posted a while ago. Road trip anyone?

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Food For Thought" Exhibition

The "Food For Thought" exhibition opens tonight Friday, October 4, 2013 from 7-9 pm.  It is at the Annex Gallery at 4131 Cooper road.

This is an old historic building owned by UCBA and this is its very first exhibition as a gallery. It is located at the corner of Plainfield road and Cooper road in Blue Ash - across from a cemetery.

The show theme is art about food and will exhibit work from Mike Geno, David Hartz, Julie Mitchell, Sara Pearce, Mike Sanders, Kim Taylor and John Wolfer.

Icon 8 Early Registration

The next Icon Illustration Conference is July 2014.

Earlybird registration starts Monday, October 7th.

From their site:

"For ICON8, the faster you register, the more dough you’ll have left over for all the great coffee, beer, and food in Portland. Starting on October 7, a limited number of tickets at various discount levels will be available. Like they say time is money, so get in early and make your plans to join us in Portland. The Early Bird rate for ICON7 sold out in just 10 minutes, so don’t delay! Put an Early Bird On It.
Here’s how the Registration Escalation plan works: It’s simple, as each block of tickets sells out, a new block at a higher price point will be offered. If you miss the Early Bird discount it’s not the end of the world. You’ll still have more ways to save. Keep an eye on the countdown so you don’t miss out on the best available price.

• $460: Put an Early Bird On It - 50 discount tickets available October 7, 2013.

• $485: Hello Winter - 25 discount tickets available when Early Bird sells out.

• $510: What Has 2014 Done For Me Lately - 25 discount tickets available when Hello Winter comes and goes. 

• $535: Et Tu Brutus - 100 discount tickets available when all of 2014 get snapped up.

• $560: It’s Never Too Late We Want You - 50 discount tickets available after Brutus is dead and gone.

• $585: Man Did You Wait ‘til the Last Minute - 50 tickets available if you missed Never Too Late.
Student Discount: Just 30 tickets will be made available at $475 for full-time, undergrad and graduate students. Student ID required at check in. Registration will open when Early Bird rate sells out."


Drawing Events for the Children's Book Illustration Art Show

In addition to the opening on October 4th, the show will also have drawing and storytime events.

October 5th at 11:00 am.  Tammie Lyon and Jeffrey Ebbeler will do a Live Drawing and Painting Event, plus Story-time

October 12th at 11:00 am.  Christina Wald will do a Live Drawing and Story-time event!

October 19th at 11:00 am.  Viki Woodworth and Vanessa Sorensen will do Jokes, Mazes and Story-time event!

Illustrator News: David Michael Beck

David Michael Beck has A couple shows coming up:


Opening Friday, October 4
6 - 9 PM

Miller Gallery is proud to present its second biennial Contemporary Realism Invitational, an exhibition of paintings by some of the finest realist painters in the United States, Canada and beyond. A year in the planning, this extraordinary body of work, curated by gallery director Rosemary Seidner, features new paintings of all sizes and diverse subject matter-landscapes, still life, figurative--by 27 leading artists (inc. DMB).

Leaving the heyday of 20th century modernism behind, a time when pushing art to its limits was more important than actual skill, there is an ongoing broad return by artists across the globe to discipline and tradition. Returning to discipline and tradition, however, does not mean that the resulting art is traditional, just that the level of accomplishment of the proponents is refined to the highest level, inspired by the greatest artists of the past.

Included in the show are not only the 15 renowned realists that Miller Gallery regularly represents, but also 12 remarkable artists whose work we greatly admire.
October 4 – October 19, 2013

Opening in November:

Mary Martin Gallery, 103 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401

From 6 pm to 8 pm on November  1, 2013, Mary Martin invites the public to the opening reception of “The Art of David Michael Beck” at Mary Martin Gallery, 103 Broad Street. “The Art of David Michael Beck”, the featured show for the month of November, will be on exhibit through November 30th.