Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Character - Claire's Hair

I've been working on this character for a few months now. I have drawn her so many ways, but I'm still not quite sure about her story.

You should see her comb, though.

You can see more of her here.

The Ides of Marge

Big doin’s over at the Zombie Marge Blog ( There has not been a post there for over a year, so I’ve decided to revamp the site and make it the home for my new web comic, Zombie Marge Comix. Yes, you heard right! Every two weeks I plan to put up a new strip following the exploits of everyone’s favorite undead curmudgeon and her cast of monsters and misfits. Ol’ Marge is set for some wild misadventures. On the in-between weeks I will post comic convention tales, news from my zombie-proof bunker and sneak previews of some of the other books I’m involved with.
So join us on March 15th for the Ides of Marge, celebrate the premier of her first episode. Sign up, post your comments there, who knows, Marge herself may chime in, if she gets ticked off enough.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brian Ewing :CCAD Event open to Public

Brian Ewing
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Monday, March 12
11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Canzani Center Auditorium (map it)
Free & Open to the Public

Brian Ewing is one of the most prolific, iconic image-makers in rock music and pop art. Like his heroes and mentors—Frank Kozik, Coop, and Tara McPherson, among others—he has built his success in poster art into a career that spans illustration, album covers, original art prints, skate decks, and shirt designs. Informed by art nouveau, ukiyo-e woodblock printing, SoCal “kustom” car culture, and the comics, Ewing’s work fuses his explorations of perspective, color, and space with classic imagery from American youth culture. His clients have ranged from Metallica and the Warped Tour to the Strokes and Death Cab for Cutie (not to mention The New Yorker and a number of advertising agencies).

Currently a resident of New York City, Ewing attended the American Academy of Art Chicago for Illustration and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for Fine Arts. His first monograph, Don’t Hold Your Breath: The Art of Brian Ewing, was published by Dark Horse in 2010.

'Bat Rider'

I was at the Museum Centre looking through a book I purchased for use as bat reference and stumbled across a picture that made me go, '... Hmmmm, this bat needs an evil skeletal rider with a fiery mace! Yes it does! :P I made the drawing a while back, and always wanted to paint it. Tonight it just seemed the right time. Sat down, and three hours later, whapow! Bat rider. Photoshop over a drawing.

I forgot to blow the drawing up so when I shrank it down the painting would tighten up at its normal size. Sooo, this reproduces well at half its size. That's okay, though. It ends up being about 5"x6.5", which means it's nearly cover size. HOWEVER, the dimensions are closer to a magazine proportion. So, in the end, I'm calling this a glorified colour study, lol. Which it is, anyway. It was an experiment and has the little thumbnail I used to layout the final design in the bottom left corner.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A show of Female Artists from the Prerevolutionary Period Through the Romantic era

Just read the article about this new show at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C spotlights under-recognized female artists from the prerevolutionary period through the Romantic era.

The slideshow is amazing... Too bad it is in DC...

Link to the collection:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st Cover - 'The Hobbit' Final Cover layout and Detailed Colour Study

Okay, so I just got back on here and checked my last post and saw that Chuck and Christina had gone to the trouble of commenting and I didn't respond! I hadn't visited the site in awhile due to business. However, it seems that your concerns were my own, for now I am come to you with the changes you specified, only I left in the shield.

So, here you go :P Sorry I didn't get back to you guys. I forgot about my post. I've been so worried about the front cover image I spent days changing things (removing mostly :P) but to now avail. Christina, you should have said something on Facebook. I would have checked here sooner :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Illustrator News: C. F. Payne Illustrating New Children's Book by Gabrielle Gifford's Husband

Saw this today:

From the article:
"Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story" will be published in October by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. According to Simon & Schuster, which released a statement Monday, the book tells of a little mouse chosen for a space mission.

"While in space," the statement says, "the astronauts are busy with their mission when only the smallest member of the crew can save the day."

..."Mousetronaut" will be illustrated by C.F. Payne, who has worked on books by John Lithgow and Steve Martin and has drawn numerous magazine covers.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cool New Series of Illustrator Interviews

I know a couple illustrators around town follow Art Order and they just stared an interview series by Randy Gallegos (a great guy and an amazing illustrator).

Some great stuff! :

It got me thinking that maybe we should do an interview series on this blog. What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Scary Harry Quite Contrary

I thought I would post a recent project, since the play opens tonight. I have handled advertising for the Saint Joseph Drama Club's yearly play since 2001. Twelve shows in all, with subjects ranging from super heroes, vampires, mobsters, westerns, the circus and more. This years show is based on fairy tales, thus my heavy Maxfield Parrish influence. My involvement began assisting my wife by doing a one color line drawing for the program. These days it's all my job, I edged her out. (No, she just doesn't have the the time.) The job has grown to full color posters, t-shirts, web ads, billboards and the program. But it's one of the more fun projects I look forward to. I get complete freedom to come up with images based on an early draft of the script. There's only been one instance of censorship, when the priest objected to my rendition of Adam. (Picture Fred Flintstone wearing nothing but a fig leaf.) Enjoy the poster, and if you are in the Highland Heights area, come see the show!

Finished Smaug Drawing and a Recent Front Cover Update

Just finished the back cover drawing of Smaug for 'The Hobbit'. I am working on tightening and making any big changes to the front cover. Here is a recent version with the dwarves all finished. All the characters are famous illustratours that have influenced me in a big way. If any of you have Facebook, you can see who I've tagged there. Otherwise, I'm just going to make a list here.

The Brothers Hildebrandt are Fili and Kili, Pyle is Dwalin, Whelan is Balin, D.K. Sweet is Bombur (he was a big dude), Waterhouse is Thorin, Durer is Nori, Parrish is Dori, Michaelangelo is Ori, Alan Lee Oin, Howe Gloin, Pogany Bofur, and Elmore Bifur. You'll all have to wait to see who Gandalf and Bilbo are :)
More to come, very soon. Will probably post the finished cover drawing later today.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Illustrator News: Mary Jo Hull

© 2012 Mary Jo Hull

Mary Jo Hull had some work accepted for the "1st annual Photography Exhibition" at the Middletown Arts Center.  (inclusion the piece here)

It runs March 2-31. Opening is March 3, 6-8 pm w/ awards at 7pm

Check it out!

Illustrator News: C. F. Payne World Choir Games Poster

Nice write up by Janelle Gelfand in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the World Choir Games Poster by C. F. Payne and the unveiling.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Does anyone use any digital watermarking software?

I am creating a new website finally. I remember using Digimarc to embed a digital watermark in Photoshop on all images. It used to be free with Photoshop. I remember that Digimarc sent me a notice saying that it wasn't free anymore - so I dropped it. They want $49 a year to use it again. I wonder if any other people use it or know of any other digital watermarking software that doesn't involve an annual fee?

Chico and Rita at the Cincinnati World Cinema

This animated film looks great! It is up for an Oscar this year.

  • Spain/UK, 2011 (Europe/festival) 2012 (U.S. theatrical), run time 94 minutes.

  • Wednesday, February 14th and 15th, 7:30
    Live music, socializing, bar and food at 6:00 pm each evening.

  • The Carnegie Arts Center
    1028 Scott Blvd., Covington KY 41011

  • Easy Access, Free Parking:
    Interactive Google Map
    Printable Map & Written Directions
    Printable Downtown Bridge & Street Grid
    Printable Parking Map

  • Thursday, February 9, 2012

    The Crowdsourcing Trend Unfortunately Has Hit The New York Times

    Ran across this blog entry today: 

    From Tom Richmond's blog:

    "Their proposal was to solicit submissions of completely finished cartoons with a weekly deadline of Fridays at 11 a.m.. The submissions would be reviewed by the editors, one chosen, and then that cartoon would run in the Sunday Review. The cartoonist who’s work was chosen would sign an agreement granting rights to the Times (not to be reprinted anywhere) and would be compensated $250. The ones not chosen would get nothing."

    Thoughts? In addition to outright disgust? This is an ugly, ugly trend...

    Every Child Succeeds Book Fair at Blue Manatee with Loren Long

    Loren Long will be signing books at The Blue Manatee tonight (Feb 9th) from 6-8pm.

    From the site: Enjoy extended shopping hours for a great cause with two fantastic talents!

    Author and illustrator Loren Long and author John Hutton will be here to discuss and sign their books. 

    During this event, 20% of the evening's sales will go to Every Child Succeeds, an organization which assists families in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky through home visits that help at-risk, first-time parents create a nurturing, healthy environment. 

    Contribute to this local organization while supporting local authors, illustrators, and our local business!

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Icon 7

    Icon 7, the illustration conference is in Providence, RI June 13th-16th.

    I cannot go since that is close to my trip to Taos, but some might find it interesting. Chris Sickels wrote up a review of Icon 6:

    It looks like this one has some interesting speakers including Adam Rex, Dan Santat and Sam Weber.

    It looks like early-bird registration is still available. Anyone going this year?

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    After a Slight Delay...

    Well, I had finished a monster project and started my cover portfolio, only to be dragged back into the former commission. Now I am done and back on track. Here's the final back cover sketch prior to reference, as well as the final rough layout of the front and back covers.



    P.S. I'm pretty psyched. The back cover image employs the 'Windmill Principle' James Gurney spoke of in his investigation of tonal relationships in 'Imaginative Realism'.

    New Hayao Miyazaki ("Spirited Away") out this weekend

     "The Secret World of Arrietty"

    I know there are a lot of animation fans here, I am excited to see this.

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Happy Groundhog Day

    It’s been quite some time since I posted, but I hope to do better in the near future. Among other projects, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a 90 page graphic novel titled “Midnite Matinee Comics” that uses public domain films in a fumetti-style approach. My intent was to recreate the movie-going experience of the fifties and sixties that includes a cartoon, Rickey Rodent, a chapter of a serial, Commander Bolt Uprite, ads inviting you to go to the lobby and buy snacks and the main feature, Island of Lost Gorillas. All rewritten in new and strange ways. Along with these there are several movie previews, including this one. It originally comes from an old Christmas special that has very little to do with Christmas, as it takes place in February and is narrated by a groundhog.

    Enjoy! And have a wonderful Groundhog Day!