Monday, December 29, 2008

What are you working on?

What's everyone up to, and how do you go about it?
I know I haven't been to lunch in a while but I'm interested in how you go about tackling a given job and this seems like a good place to catch up - I'll go first...

I'm getting the next Mini-Marathon poster together; as of now it's looking like a railroad steam engine, a quote from Hamlet, a wall and maybe sections from the Elsinore castle on Gilbert Ave....we'll see where it goes from here but the printed piece comes out in early Feb so I've got to finalize it QUICK.

Other stuff in the works - a poster for the Cincinnati RR club; 3dStudioMax to get the elements in proportion then sketching in details prior to painting:

and, just finished a logo & signage for a friends museum in Youngstown:

Ok, your turn!


  1. That is really interesting work John! Will you use the 3-d max as an underlay or will you paint digitally?

    Have you used z-brush?

  2. Thanks Christina and Ryan, I hope this is the sort of dialog that our illustrator friends will be interested in participating in. I've used 3dMax for some finished work both still and animated, but contrary to good animation practice that emphasizes simplifying geometry and objects, I usually get too involved in detailing and run out of processing power pretty quickly even on a newer machine; if I'm going to be painting I use it strictly as a layout tool for proportions, perspective and lighting, so I purposely don't get so wrapped up in detail work...I've heard of z-brush but I'm not familiar with how it works or what it does - I'll check it out later today!

  3. Very nice! I am currently animating a medical procedure (a TVH, don't ask) using 3DS Max. I will post some stills shortly.
    We need to get some 3D hobnobbimg going on around here.
    Christina I have dabbled in Z-Brush but have really had fun with Mudbox!

  4. Hey Tom, long time, no see! Nice web site - I'd love to see more of what you're doing these days and I agree about the 3D hobnobbing. I've got an animation in the oven for the proposed steel museum in Youngstown showing the workings of a 15-stand merchant rolling mill...since there's no money involved it unfortunately gets shuffled to the bottom of the deck.

    Mudbox is another gizmo I haven't looked into - I'll go check it out right now.

    Hear anything from Sinjin these days?