Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jared Lee Video

Herron School of Art in Indianapolis where Jared Lee attended from 1961 to
1965 came to the studio and recorded this video. A cool interview and peek at his studio... 


  1. Really interesting video. Cool to see a lot of Jared's earlier work.

  2. Yes, A lot to see in 3 minutes. I wish it was a minute longer so we could watch Jared with the watercolors!
    Kinda felt like a time warp with the green Borco on the desk and the Design markers.
    (Heaven knows, I've got some old contraptions in my studio as well!)

  3. Jared is so talented and a great guy too!

    I noticed Jared was using some sort of marker for linework.
    I didn't know he switched from Rapid-o graph pens.

    But they are a big pain in the ass.