Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Illustration for Cincinnati Magazine Gets in SOI 55

I was looking at the website Drawger an noticed that an illustration from Cincinnati Magazine by amazing young illustrator Victo Ngai got into SOI 55. She also won two gold awards!

Check out the article/small image here: http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/topdoctors/2012/01/01/breast-imaging

That image and the others that won awards: http://drawger.com/victo/?

The awards are well deserved. Her work is stunning...


  1. Cincinnati is a CINCINNATI [publication. We have a huge menu of extremely talented artists in this city.
    I find it an insult to have a local magazine go out of town to hire an illustrator.
    This is far from the first time they've done that.
    Jerry Dowling

  2. Agree with Jerry, but, wow, I love that frog!

  3. Yes, It is unfortunate local publications like Cincinnati Magazine often choose to use non-local talent. It is their own loss in my opinion in local flavor and loyalty. Even the New York Times uses mostly (not all) NYC talent...

    That being said, I LOVE Victo's work.

    It is not her fault if the publication makes non-local choices... I suppose it is a small consolation that they at least still buy illustration.

  4. I'll throw my two cents into this conversation as I have an experience to relate.

    I received a call from the art director of Cincinnati Magazine a few years ago about creating some cartoon pigs that were going to be featured in a cover story. I accepted the assignment, but later in the day received a call from the AD stating that she had been overridden by the editor who wanted to use someone else.

    I waited to see who got the assignment and why they were chosen. They went with an illustrator from Australia who's style was a bit more stylized than mine, but a look I could have replicated. It was different, but not drastically.
    It was in my comfort zone style-wise.

    Having said that... I know of no one locally who has the same illustration style as Victo. It's outstanding! You could ask an illustrator to "ape" a certain style but that never rings true. No matter how good the impressionist, it's not the real deal.

    I think Cincinnati Magazine likes the prestigue of hiring top talent from around the world. I doubt if the readership is really aware or impressed. Also, I'm curious what their illustration budgets are? Steve Brodner doesn't come cheaply!

    We do have an extremely talented group of illustrators here in town. Some of the best around. If they really wanted to, they could use locals and have just about all their illustration needs met. Occasionally going outside the area for specific looks.

    Why they don't... ?