Friday, October 4, 2013

Icon 8 Early Registration

The next Icon Illustration Conference is July 2014.

Earlybird registration starts Monday, October 7th.

From their site:

"For ICON8, the faster you register, the more dough you’ll have left over for all the great coffee, beer, and food in Portland. Starting on October 7, a limited number of tickets at various discount levels will be available. Like they say time is money, so get in early and make your plans to join us in Portland. The Early Bird rate for ICON7 sold out in just 10 minutes, so don’t delay! Put an Early Bird On It.
Here’s how the Registration Escalation plan works: It’s simple, as each block of tickets sells out, a new block at a higher price point will be offered. If you miss the Early Bird discount it’s not the end of the world. You’ll still have more ways to save. Keep an eye on the countdown so you don’t miss out on the best available price.

• $460: Put an Early Bird On It - 50 discount tickets available October 7, 2013.

• $485: Hello Winter - 25 discount tickets available when Early Bird sells out.

• $510: What Has 2014 Done For Me Lately - 25 discount tickets available when Hello Winter comes and goes. 

• $535: Et Tu Brutus - 100 discount tickets available when all of 2014 get snapped up.

• $560: It’s Never Too Late We Want You - 50 discount tickets available after Brutus is dead and gone.

• $585: Man Did You Wait ‘til the Last Minute - 50 tickets available if you missed Never Too Late.
Student Discount: Just 30 tickets will be made available at $475 for full-time, undergrad and graduate students. Student ID required at check in. Registration will open when Early Bird rate sells out."

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  1. I snagged an earlybird ticket. It will be my first trip to Portland.