Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey everyone...Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Holiday Season. 
I thought I would share a typical day in the life of an airbrush artist.
These are all projects I did in one 12 hour day last week.
(with the exception of the Bengals/Browns body painting which I posted just for 
Jerry While it is the Holiday season and these are examples of projects 
that I worked on one day last week. This still shows the variety of projects that any one of
our artists can typically be expected to experience on any given day. 

The projects in the picture range from custom designed t-shirts for customers
who simply come in and tell us what they want on a shirt and we just
make it up on the spot...the "Bacon girl" and the "Zombie rudolph" are
perfect examples of this. Other more detailed custom artwork include the
Car and motorcycle portraits, the Golf Caricature as well as the 5'X8' backdrop
for a dance studio. 

While I know that these examples are not nearly as detailed as most of us work
as illustrators. They are none the less perfect examples of what our artists at
Anything Airbrushed plus work on in a typical day. Since airbrush artists have the ability to work on just about any surface imaginable we typically get the projects that no other artists can