Monday, November 17, 2014

James Gurney at SBK Workshop Sept, 2014

James Gurney-creator and illustrator of the Dinotopia series was the featured instructor at the Susan K Black Foundation Artist Workshop in Dubois, WY. SKB 2014 workshop  Linda Howard Bittner, longtime member of the Cincy Illustrator's group, attended the workshop. Gurney was there with his wife, who is also an accomplished watercolor painter.

James was fantastic, giving several slide presentations, many technique demos and painting in the field with participating artists. His sketchbook journals are phenomenal!  He uses casein, watercolors, inks and pencil while "Urban Journaling". He travels the US and the world painting everyday scenes.

One image in his slide presentation was a caricature of our own, Chris Payne. Gurney had also visited CCAD recently as a guest instructor. You MUST check out his blog...he is an amazing fine artist, illustrator, inventor and all around creative genius. James Gurney Blog

He's a fun instructor yet very dedicated to the principles of fine art. Also check out his website...he was an ongoing artist for National Geographic Magazine for many years. James Gurney website

Here are some pics from the SKB workshop, including one of Linda Howard Bittner mentoring a local high school student.

Gurney created an "Artist" persona to help him while journaling. He has hats and shirts with his name embroidered on them and "Department of Art" he looks like a public worker. He's even made orange cones with "Dept of Art" as well, to keep people from blocking his view while painting along streets. James has also created his own press badges and other tricks to help him get better access to his subjects. See more in his blog.


  1. What a great experience! I am envious!

  2. Yeah, I'd love to have been there as well!
    Couldn't help noticing that Gurney has captured Greg Manchess in paint as well. Greg is another native son who also created some unbelievable art for NatGeo.

    Gurney's blog is amazing, and if you feel like you've missed too much, a lot of the experience and wisdom is collected in his two best-selling books on painting —highly recommended!