Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cincinnati Zoo Sketch Outing Friday, October 23rd

The stars of the day were the Visayan Warty Pigs with their cute pompadours.  Sketch by Amy Bogard
Amy Bogard and Robin Ewers Carnes aketch the African Dogs
Amy Bogard, Robin Ewers Carnes and I (Christina Wald) went to the Cincinnati Zoo Friday morning to sketch. It was a glorious fall day! The temperature was perfect and the animals were very active.

The Meerkats, African Painted Dogs and Lions were our favorites, but the Visayan Warty Pigs were unexpected stars of the day.

I just renewed my membership so plan to go back a lot!

We also saw the Sumatran Rhino before he leaves this Thursday for Indonesia.
He was pretty chill and enjoying a spa day in his mud bath...

Farewell Harry the Sumatran Rhino! We will miss you!

Here are some of our on-site sketches. 
Visayan Warty Pig by Robin Ewers Carnes
The regal John the Lion By Robin Ewers Carnes
John's Cub Sketch By Robin Ewers Carnes
On-site sketches by Christina Wald

By Christina Wald
African Painted Dogs by Amy Bogard
Meerkat by Amy Bogard
More Meerkats by Amy Bogard
by Amy Bogard
John the Lion by Amy Bogard
Visayan Warty Pig by Amy Bogard
There were a couple displays we were obsessed with like the Meerkats. Amy did this wonderful character later.
A meerkat quite dapper! by Amy Bogard
Baby fox by Christina Wald
I was obsessed by this baby fox. It had just been added to its enclosure and was a little shell shocked. So adorable!

As we walked out, we saw this really friendly and surprisingly docile monitor lizard who took a liking to Amy.

Amy and friend...


  1. Lovely sketches from lovely women.

    1. The only thing that would have made the day better is if you had been there!