Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sketch Outing at Mother of God Church in Covington

The daunting view!
Vanessa, Jeb, Robin and I met last Wednesday afternoon to sketch the Mother of God Catholic Church in Covington.

It was a little daunting at first because we were so close; it was a bit of a forced perspective. We wanted to be in the sun though. This was the type of fall day that gets chilly the second you are not in direct sun.

It is always so interesting to see how each person sketching handles the composition.

The intrepid sketchers: Vanessa, Jeb, and Robin

We sketched until it got too cold and then finished the color portion at home.

The church bells tolled frequently as we drew which prompted interesting discussion of recorded over hand rung.

Group sketchbook shot
Here are the final results!

Sketch by Robin Ewers Carnes
Sketch by Jeb Brack
Sketch by Vanessa Sorensen
Sketch by Christina Wald
Shot on location

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