Saturday, March 28, 2009

Samples! Glorious Samples!

I just got some lovely samples in the mail of some magnetic playsets I illustrated. One is a dinosaur scene and the other a mermaid scene. They did a great printing job!

I am not sure which stores have them but they are definitely available at

Below are the dinosaur individual magnets and on the right is the mermaid background.


  1. Wow! That is fantstic work Christina!

    It is always exciting to get copies of the finished project especially when the client gets it right.

  2. Really gorgeous, Christina! I especially love the
    underwater scene!

  3. ...and I love the "custom flames" on the flying lizard in the lower right corner. VROOOOM!

  4. The best aspect to drawing prehistoric animals is that they really do not know what color or pattern they had. Since this is a playset, I made the dinos very colorful. I was thinking flames a little too on the flying lizard...