Monday, August 3, 2009

Announcement: C.F. Payne's New Website

Chris Payne has a new website. It is really cool so check it out:

It is


  1. Congratulations, Chris! It's a great-looking site (nice and simple)
    and a milestone worth celebrating!

    Let me know when the open house is. You're going to have salsa, right?

  2. Chris-the site looks great! Your work is incredible!! Great to see so much of it all at once.

  3. Chris,
    The site looks very good and easily navigable. I like the fact that you can click or scroll on the thumbnails or hit the bottom buttons to get to an image.
    I had no idea that you created that profile of Jack Nicholson - that is one of my all time favorite portraits.
    Great job!!

  4. Hello, everyone. I'm new to this blog. I'm a fellow freelance illustratour working out of Cincinnati. I was wondering how to be included in the Illustratour's Lunch; and where it is, if it's possible to attend? My blog is: I was just turned on to this community; from what I have seen, it looks great. Looking for people to share ideas and art with, locally, to better myself and each other.

  5. Hi Justin! Give me your email address and I can put you on the list. There is also a calendar up on the right of the blog with that week's restaurant location.

  6. Thank you, Christina! I appreciate that. My email address is

  7. Christina, due to weather and funds, I'll not be attending today's meeting, but I'll be there next week. What types of things do you all do at the Lunches?