Thursday, August 6, 2009

hello everyone!!

Just wanted to say Hey! everyone. My name is Michael Dougherty. It was nice to meet some of you yesterday at lunch...some for the first time others from years ago. I was one of the original members from back in the 90's so its nice to come back and meet new people and catch up with some older members.

I am an illustrator who still specializes in airbrush(yes...airbrushing is still alive and I have been a free lance illustrator for over 25years. I also own Anything Airbrushed plus located in Tri-County Mall. I have 2 full time and 3 part-time artists that work on everything from T-shirts to Murals and all things in between....all with an airbrush.

Here are 2 things "Cincinnati related" that were originally done for the 2007 WestFest poster but turned out to be to "Controversial" for this "WestSide" there were turned into t-shirts. They are acrylic airbrushed with colored pencil on illustration board

Glad to be back


  1. Mike,
    It was nice meeting you at the lunch. I still haven't gotten rid of my airbrush even though I haven't used it in years. Photoshop airbrush tool never runs out of ink or spurts and you don't have to clean it. I really like the undo button as well.
    Nevertheless I can still see using my airbrush on a painting or mural or sculpture.

  2. Michael - long time no see! Sorry I missed you and for those who don't know him, Michael was (is?) a part of the old fart illustrators group from several generations ago...remember Linda and the Mason Gallery? Anyway, Mike your research is flawed - no one except the softball players over 30 have (or at least show)cleavage on the East side...

  3. I have to say the whole east side/west side thing has always baffled me. It is amusing that this was controvercial.

    Welcome back Michael!

  4. David,

    You sound like everyone else I know...thinking I should "get with it" and use the computer more...I'm weening myself slowly but I think it will still be a while before I turn to the "Dark Side" are probably
    but what I found was after the scars heal...they all show Jerry Dowling gave me the 411 on everyone, We talked about Linda and the Illustrators book etc...It will be nice to catch up with everyone.


    Being from Philadelphia...I don't get it either...but apparently it goes back