Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work in 4 of 4

"LeMans" movie poster, done! Got back to it yesterday and made a big change to the sky. First I added a grey threatening sky to see if that helped...but we didn't like that so much, so I used acrylic to paint over that - and around all the flags and people up there - with the blue sky and eliminated the smoke plumes. Works better I think.


  1. I like the change to the sky. The detail is insane on this!

  2. Roger.

    I agree with your changes. That smoke bothered me. I like the blue sky. Your call of course, but I would like fewer clouds. One large fluffy one on the right side and a small one on the left. I think that would design a little better than a bunch of small ones now.

  3. It came out great, Roger!
    Now I need to rent the film to see just how great it is.
    You can bet I'll watch at least enough to find out who that homunculus is, riding in Steve McQueen's car.

  4. me too for the sky...great piece of work Roger!

  5. This is great, Roger! I love this image :)I'm in agreement about the clouds. A little cluttered. maybe less, but larger, if you need a space filler. Otherwise, man, it's really nice. Kudos! :)