Friday, July 15, 2011

Hairy Potter

Never thought I'd post this, but with Potter-mania in full swing, I just buckled.

This was created for the spring issue of California Magazine. They have a running feature called Twisted Titles where they invite readers to riff on a famous book. Then an illustrator gets to pile on the irreverence some more. I was offered the chance to illustrate Hairy Potter—Hippie Ceramicist, and couldn't resist dragging the movie Ghost into the mud.

Here is another concept with Lord Voldemort as a tiki mug.
(I could have lived with that one too.)

More sketches on the blog.


  1. Fascinating take on Harry. I am sure Rowling would approve ;) Was Dobby your idea or theirs?

    The other titles look like they would have been interesting as well. Sheepless in Seattle? Very funny.

  2. perfect solution as always! I like the direction of the sketch as well...

  3. Thanks! —Dobby was my idea. Actually, I was given quite a bit of creative freedom on this one. I showed two or three concepts, and the art director picked the one that got finalized. I think she might be a fan of "Ghost".