Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does the Inkling Really Work?

I have hear a lot about this new Wacom Inkling product lately. Has anyone used it?

The video looks impressive:

But it is a marketing video so it is hard to tell what its practical user experience is like.  I hate to sink money into it if it is something I will use a couple times and then abandon.

It could even be a very good idea but the tech needs work. I read a couple reviews, but would like to talk to someone who actually bought and used one.

One more thought: What is the best stylus for the iPad out there?


  1. Christina,
    It seems like a really great thing to be able to use any paper that you want. However you are completely limited to a pen - a pen that supposedly looks and feels like a ball point pen. So if you always draw with a ball point pen - it would be fabulous. I would much rather see a piece of paper or substrate that you could use any kind of pen or a brush or a marker or a stick or your finger and pick up all the subtleties of that instrument. For example, you cannot get a thick and thin line or use any of the brushes in any software program.
    I must say that I have never tried it yet - I would like to demo it.

  2. I was initially excited about this because I'd hoped that it could create space in my studio by replacing my scanner. Unfortunately the capture area is apparently pretty small so really you can only do a drawing that would fit in a small sketchbook. That kind of killed it for me. I did see where an artist on twitter said it worked as advertised.

  3. I think the technology is going in the right direction, but that perhaps it is not there yet.

    Anyone use a stylus with the iPad?

  4. They had stylus demos for iPad at SDCC. I didn't care for any of them. None of them were pressure sensitive although there was a brush one that as it touched more surface the stroke would get wider. It still seemed really shoddy compared to getting a tablet PC that's got wacom tech in it since the pressure sensitivity is in the screen. I don't think the iPad will be able to compete until they put pressure sensitivity into their screen. Maybe some 3rd party will work out how to put the sensor in the pen successfully. I doubt Apple would ever make one as Steve Jobs said, "as soon as you have a stylus you're dead." Then again he's dead so maybe they'll pursue it now.