Friday, November 11, 2011

Norman Rockwell Exhibit at Dayton Art Institute

Dayton Art Institute is hosting an exhibit of Norman Rockwell's work containing a decade-by-decade installation of 42 original artworks, as well as a complete set of 323 Saturday Evening Post cover sheets spanning 47 years.

If you want to check out the opening, It is November 12th at 5pm.

More info:

It is organized by the Rockwell Museum in MA, which is a little inconvenient to get to from here so it is great some of his work is coming to us! Looks like a great show!


  1. This looks like a must-see! I wonder if there will be any lectures or presentations accompanying the exhibit.

    I'm probably not alone here, but Norman Rockwell was the first artist I knew by name. (I was given a small book of his Christmas illustrations when I was 6 or 7.) Although my work doesn't resemble his in the slightest, Rockwell's ability to tell a story through careful staging, well-placed details and deftly crafted facial expressions is endlessly inspiring.

  2. I have only seen a couple of Rockwell's originals, but they are well worth the trip. The colors are glorious!