Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Looking for Downtown Lunch Place Suggestions

Our downtown lunch bad karma has struck again and Le Boxx has closed. Any ideas of a replacement with good parking access?

Are any of the new places on Vine open for lunch? What about places in the new Banks area?

How about:

Taqueria Mercado

(I have eaten here on many occasions. It is really good and very close to Le Boxx actually...)

Tom + Chee

Rock Bottom Brewery


Holy Grail Grill

Other ideas?


  1. Holy Grail on the Banks is good.

  2. The place is packed even on Reds off days, and you have to park in the stadium.

  3. I'm an infrequent luncher, but Taqueria anything sounds good to me.

  4. Think Tom and Chee gets pretty packed. Arnolds, Rock Bottom. Don't think it is the best food but Washington Platform isn't too crowded..haha

  5. A lot of people have asked for Arnold's. Taquera is excellent too. Maybe we could try both.

  6. Arnold's would be my vote. Of course, I haven't been to the others, so it's an uninformed vote.

  7. I go to Taqueria Mercado a lot. It's one of my favorites, so I vote for it. I like Arnolds as well, maybe alternate.