Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speaking of Doodling, Keeping a Sketch Journal

As many people here know, I have been trying to keep a regular sketch book.It has been way more fun than I ever expected.

While it is more a tangent experience to the "doodle", it really does seem to effect the rest of my work. Does anyone else have that experience?

I also find it helps me remember things that I have seen, done, etc.

I would love to see some other sketchbook scans from other blog contributors.

Vanessa Sorensen recently shared hers from our trip to Taos:

Here are some of my recent ones:

Music Hall

Vermont at the Cat, Chickens and Marble Quarry

Animals in Taos

More Taos

Earthships in Taos

Magpie in Taos
More on my blog:


  1. These are great to see, Christina! I especially like the page with the cat and the prairie dog. It looks as if you were observing and recording, and less interested in creating a finished picture, which to me is the true benefit of keeping a sketchbook handy.

    I keep a Moleskine handy most of the time, but I don't use them much. As well-made as they are, I find them to be a bit confining. They also look like nice products from the start, so there's a bit of pressure to make every sketch a masterpiece, which for me is somewhat self-defeating. I know lots of artists love them though.

  2. Christina,
    These are very nice - I always keep a small moleskin handy. The ones I carry are kinda small but I love that I can put it in my pocket. I will be posting some of my sketches on my new blog/website - it is almost ready to launch.

  3. Definitely keep us updated Dave!